Getting Older

Hi Folks!

early morning again :)
well to be honest, I woke up on my own again but this time is more usual.. 7.30am.. 
yaaaa, I know it isn't a norm for you guys but for me, yea, hell yea, of corse :p

I have a cooking date today with my lovely human beings,
I'll surely update to you guys sooner or later what did I cooked and how good it was..

little facts about me

I am surprisingly a good cooker

not that the taste it surprisingly good,
it is good, yes, of course
but surprisingly for the fact that I do not look like I am capable of doing so

technical terms eyyyy

According to all the friends saying, it because I'm not a wifey type of female being.. 
hahahaha I work hard, I don't really watch chickflicks.. is that even relevant? 
oh yes, and I'm a dancer choreographer. 
well. i do know people like me who can cook though :p

Okay. Okay.
I was about to post my recipe and cooking pictures a while ago but I was so busy doing stuffs but I will post it for you guys because I'm sure it helpful.. and it's going to make your life worthwhile! 
Like. to taste or so.

Soooo, 'Getting Old' right..

Yea, it's real. Yesterday was my birthday! 
Though, I'm not going to tell you how old I am..

*hint* Im a 90s

Actually I was thinking for quite a long while about what this post should be about.. 
cooking, more restaurants, or movie/ tv series, theme party, or even a surprise I did for my friend on her birthday then I came to the fact that yesterday was my birthday.. 
Only one day in the year 

so I shall blog about it..! 

This is one of the cool things I received on the day
My dear friend 'Pimmada' is a hella gifted artist and she can create any freaking things..
Thank you to her, I have my hiphop self in an illustration! 

I don't know if this is what you guys do or not, but I'm a big fan of ScreenCapture..
Like. I literally cap every freaking things I love and just keep it in my folders called 'Cap Screen' 
nice name right.. - -

Annually on 30th of May, the screen cap pictures will increase like crazy.
Yea. Because I cap every post, tweets, pictures, chats, texts and everything people sent to me.

It's nice though, keeping the memories. 
You know, because this, good memories and loves you received, its the things you should remember about and it makes your life a little better. 

Simple things in life :)

And this time. A little more strange. I did this..

The things I pasted in there are not even half but the picture is small.. yea.
I posted it on my Instagram to thanks all the incredible people who just simply said 'happy birthday' and you know what, that simple thing is good enough to keep you going :)

Some people think it's stupid posting on facebook wall on people birthday but keep in mind. It's only that 'Happy Birthday' can make someone smile. sincerely.

and if you want to be a little bit more kind

It takes you only 20 seconds, trust me, to type beautiful things to them.
I'm not saying that 'hbd' isn't enough but I'm saying that it's not any near the waste of time at all to say

  'wish you all the best'
'have a great year'
'may all your dreams come true'

Normally, I type like 2-3 lines just for some random friend's birthday hahahha

It is like. Simple things you can do for them to make they smile.
They might received the 'happy b-day' all day already but if you pray them something more it will make their day a little better and it causes you nothing!

Don't you think it's a good investment? 
Making someone's day better :)

Oh yea. Yesterday, I and my lovely mother along with my three crazy pals went to SOS Children Foundation for some donation :)

Me and my friend brought them 4 bags of toys we had when we were young.
It's going to excites the hell out of the children for sure. 
Kids love Toys. Lol

Also, we bought snacks, foods, milk, drawing book, pens and many other childhood equipment for them from Tesco. It's like 15++ shopping bags! hahahha

After that we went for lunch and my day passed by

Despite the getting older part, it was a great day! <3

Talk to you soon humans :)
Keep your smile on your mind

'Happiness is a choice'


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A Place called Gossip

Hi humans :)

Today I have a date with a friend of mine at 11am but you know what.. I woke up 6.30am
No alarm clock, no wake up call. Anything

Well, even for a morning girl, this is still pretty early.. =__=
I spent almost an hour laying in my comfy bed scrolling twitter, facebook, instagram, polyvore, weheartit newfeed until there's nothing i could do anymore and here i am!

and this is my life lately.. 

with my new baby macbook, macarons and tea

Thanks to my dad who bought me twenty pieces of Bruno's macarons and now I feel like I can't eat anymore macarons for months.. so this morning im on a couch with fresh hokkaido chocolate instead

as good!

Yeaa, I've been reading French.. 
Yeaa, studying on my own hoping for some miracle. 
Noo, I'm not so desperate.. you know, last time I studied a language on my own I end up being able to speak it fluently until now.. and if you want to know, it's Korean. And no, not all by myself entirely but basically in the first year or something.

And Yes, I'm reading John Green's The Fault in Our Stars. It's gooooood!
I haven't finished it yet but I'm a big fan of John Green's quotes on internet and I'm also a big fan of this kind of book.. like, you know, The Perks of Being a Wall Flower. 
Ask me, I love that book for my life!!

Okay, okay, let's get start with today's restaurant review
This place called Gossip.
located in Sukhumvit 55, Thonglor 15. Bangkok Thailand

Weird ay? 
Yeaaa a little bit but it's a good weird.

this picture belongs to

this picture belongs to

It looking good right 
It actually isn't that big but yeaaa,  still pretty :)

At the time I went there it's quite early for a Gastro Bar kind of restaurant like this so there was not so many people inside

Oh yea,
also it was weekday night so the staffs were all for me and my friend..

literally ALL FOR US

They paid attention to us soooo much.. even more than my mother when she's happy.. and I wasn't sure it was good or not but their service are real good despite the fact that they were so close, keep checking if we had finished our dish so they could clean it immediately.. hahahahhahahahahha
this picture belongs to
Yes, we were on the comfy couche..!

I'm always lost myself for the comfy couche.. urgh
Want to carry it home with me!!

"take home pleassssse"

This thing called Chicken something, it's gooood
soft and juicy and well cooked.. all are good together!

It was good but not THAT impressive. simply good

Here I am, if you could see me! :p

Spicy Spagetti that was also fine, nothing special but as good

Okay Okay Okay Here comes the good gooood gooooooood part!

The dessert!!

On the left, 
Melting chocolate topped with burned mash mellow.. 
Sounds so good right. Trust me, it tastes that amazing as well!
The crispe of mash mellow was killing me alive and even I'm thinking of it now, it's still killing me!

On the right,
nothing so special about it but what cool is that..
Eventhough it is so green, sooo green you must thinking it's the green tea stuff but one thing about me 
(which you may or may not like)
is that I dont eat, drink or consume any kind of Green Tea..

*long story*

So the green thing you see in that picture is simply berries and berrrrrrrries

Little story on me..

Well, there's one thing I love doing so much.. weiirrrd weird thing
I love fooling around super market as much as I love grocery shopping

hahahhaahahaha well see..

I probably love walking in grocery store as much as other female beings love but at some point, buying or looking isn't enough.. yeaaa yeaaaa you are actually thinking whaat

yeaa because I am crazy and walking properly isn't adequate for me :p

Neon Yellow see through clutch from Bershka. Neon yellow shoes from Aldo.

Thank you this human who always get as crazy as I am with me<3

There's a private request about me posting advice blog on 'moving on' topic.
I will.
I will sooon for you humans :)

talk to you soon!

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Small Thoughts

smile :)

hi guys <3
I was just wondering about love ..

 you know, when you got to meet people and sometimes they're just sooo good..
As good as you never know would exist in the world.

Well, im not here today to describe a perfect fairy prince or anything

I don't know if this might sounds weird but..

'Do you believe in Soulmate?'

I kinda do

In my country there's some belief about a predictor..
He said something about my life that I, or people born around my time, will meet my 'soulmate' somewhere, sometime in between May 15th 2012 - May 15th 2013

me and my friends were exciting just for fun you know, we will meet someone who might belong to us!
sounds grand to me for some reasons hahahaaha

Since now is really close to May 15th already and I learned sooo many things about life, faith and love this passed year.. I've met soo many amazing people and I just want to tell you guys that ..

 sometimes, love doesn't come to you in one particular type..

I have been loving someone for so long that I once thought I cant think of anyone else in the world but then when time comes I can just moved on and live my life perfectly without thinking about this person anymore..

I decided to just pay attention to people who can make me happy
we got to love ourselves as well as others right..

so dont hurt yourself loving other people more than you appreciate your value :)

still not the main point of this blog.. :p

I come here to tell you all that at one point of your life..
someone will stepped in and make you wonder why it is so easy for you to love them..
..not a romantic love type but you will feel yourself bounded up with that particular person so quickly you questioned youself over again but if you open your mind try to see it another way.. it feels like they instantly became your family member as you love them just like that..

so if anyone asks me do I believe in soulmate or something like that I would say yes, I do

I might think it all by myself..
and that might be only the only part of this blog you agree with but trust me, you have to face it yourself and you'll know.. you can feel you being tied u

no matter in what way you love your person..
Dont forget to love yourself and know you deserve every right to be happy :)

<3 you all
Love your life and appreciate all the beauty surrounded you :)

- b

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Why I was gone

This content of blog will contain full of alphabets and letters. It might cause you boredom if you have no interest in reasons why the owner of this blog was away for a long period of time. There might be no picture entertaining you at all but there is nothing harmful or in needed of parental guidance.

What did I just done over there?

Well hello sweet human beings :)
As you know I was away for a long while but I have such great reasons to tell you guys and to blog about in the coming topics!

..I never been this busy in my life..

I might have been yea.. but not this much!
I must tell you 2013 March-April period is such a tough a** for my body to function normally

You know, I am always kinda busy and have stuffs to be done but this time, it requires such professional skills of physical endurance and time management..
I will list to you what i have done in that 2 months

Dance performance
1 group research paper
1 individual research paper on a theorist
Dance events

..look like just a few works right..
but you have nooooooo idea how one task cause me..

Dance performace need to be choreographed, practiced and cleared up
well i also have to edit and mix the songs, do the floor and blocking arrangement, schedule performers to come practice and more more more on me

it came out good!

For the research paper works things.. I think we shouldn't even talk about it..
as you know.. you cant just write things up.. and it was the pain..

Dance event!!!
Well, if you know me, it's my works bringing international dancers to my country to do workshop class and teach people.. and the process, of course, takes ages..
I have to prepare the event to be well-organized, and manage business-typed stuffs
Not to mention promoting the event and them as well..
that's the business part..

a baby-sitting part wasn't mention yet..
sorry i have to called it that way but well.. we can put it 'taking care' way :p
so if you bring someone to your country you suppose to take care of them right.. common logic..
easy said, hard done

Not that I dont like the work.. I actually love it 
Spending time with people, making them happy is kind of what I called a quality time 
..but sometime it can be super exhausted
especially when I have research paper to be done around 4days after their departing time..


..That are reasons why I was away 

Maybe I missed out something that caught me up.. 
I was extremely full scheduled.. 
but now?

Im gonna be blogging more and more<3

You can leave suggestions in the comment or anywhere.. or contact me.. if you wanna know anything about my event or my weird life.. 

Twitter : @b0bobo 

Have a great day fellas!

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