L.A Story : Santa Monica

Hey ho to the beautiful pals<3

This post is about my one day trip with my Thai friend from the school in Thailand. She's my guide of the day! Actually, she lived here for ten or more years before move back for university. We went to Japan Town and Santa Monica and here's some footage for y'all!

First stop, a ramen place in Tokyo Town.. 

I can't recall the name but it's in the building part of this Japanese area, the building that have Kinokuniya bookstore.. so this place is on 3rd floor and it's famous for the Spicy Ramen..

They have 3 levels (maybe.. :p) of spice for you to choose.. and trust me, if you're not familiar with spicy food don't test yourself because even me, who encounter this a lot.. I order only the second down.. my friend got the most spicy one though, I tried it, mann.. i just cant!

They also have their competition, anyone who wanna have your pic on the wall just have to eat this spicy thing up with the time constraint! 

nahhh.. count me out :p

This is another side of the Japanese Area, whether it's Japan Town or Little Tokyo..

It's cuteeee!

I bought macarons from the only macaron place there, it's pretty good too!

And around the area, there are two Frozen Yogurt shop.
We chose The Yogurt Land that day for some reason, I lovveeee FroYo so much! and I love it naturally, I don't know why but I feel like other favour doesn't really taste like yogurt to me.. Lol

Love the clothes stores around there too,
not expensive and really cute! I got one shades and my friend bought a very cute iphone case

We ate like nonstop..
I have no idea how people here can cope having so much goodies around and you know, L.A girls are so pretty.. especially those models on Online Shopping sites.. love them<3

Then we head out to Santa Monica.
And of course, Los Angeles traffic took us sooo long to get there..

We parked at the parking structure near Third Street Promenade and walk there..

Third Street Promenade is one of my favourite places in L.A everrrrrrrrrrrr

I love this Kitson store, this branch is super big!

Kitson, Third Street Promenade

Kitson is full of cool stuffs but I have to sincerely admit.. 
They all are insanely expensive.. I mean like.. You're just street items and not that neatly produced too.. the price is what got me out of the maze! 

Always love wandering around in there but I just can't effort to really buy it because of my own weird ideal of things hahaha 

And this is another reason why I love this walking street!
Palm trees lines!

ahhhhhhhhh <3

Well, many of you guys know I'm a freak when it comes to Palm Trees! I love it i love it! 
It just soooo pretty, like soo beachish and so California!

The street is a total beauty includes all amazing stores lined up for you to walk in and broke yourself because you wanna buy everything!

Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, Steve Madden!

Another store I like and I forgot to take picture is Pacsun.
I really really like Pacsun for its beachy sense and Guy's wear! Of course, you guys know too that I love buying dude's clothes hahaha :p

I forgot to take the picture of Pacsun because I was a little stunned by a staff in there.. He's cute and fortunately I overheard a lady asked him something and he answered 'I'm a film student.' oh yea that's what stunned me! I'm a film student tooooooo I love film geek hahahah XD

Santa Monica Pier

After spent quite a fortune we got to the Pier.
Santa Monica Pier is one of the famous tourist attraction of L.A, it crowded with people and super lively. The wheel was super big too, but I was a bit afraid of these stuffs so my friend and I were just wandering around :)

The ocean breeze is sooo good!

Santa Monica

Seriously, as I'm blogging right now, I want to go to the beach so bad!
Miss all the wind messing up my hair and such a brightened up feeling you got from the sea<3

Santa Monica Pier

I love love love the sea!

Though, Santa Monica beach isn't that pretty to be playing or getting into the water but their pier is so lively that it can just make your life filled up with smiles!

Surround yourself with whatever clear and bright, you know, you will feel the same! 


So after a super long walk out shopping and enjoying the pier, I got myself a corndog that is actually a cheesedog or cheesecorn.. hmm language barrier.. Lol

So it's a cheese thingy that look like huge corndog!

It's super big that it's actually my dinner of the day hahahha 
and yea, it's pretty good too! 

Let's see what I got from Third Street Promenade!
First picture is from Brandy Melville!

Do you guys like Brandy Melville?

I find it really easy to mixed up with other clothes and also comfortable to wear!
Even though the price is not really comfy comparing to the materials and cutting they got.. but California gals seems to adore this brand so much!

Next picture is the shorts I got from Pacsun

It's a super short kinda shorts

Love the brown tone they got and the shape look amazing when try on too!
the bracelets are from Cottons On :)

Okay, and the place I live in is Bangkok Thailand right.. 
It is where products with brands are normally got added up by tax too much.. at least, i think so.
Steve Madden in the States are like 100$ ish per pair but back here in Thailand it's like 200$ per pair!

So as I basically obsess with shoes and personally a fan of Steve Madden.. see this kinda of price and I don't know what pushed me that day, probably not my friend lol, I bought two!

They are purrrreeeeetttyyyy right!
so I got these pretty pairs with the price that if I buy in Bangkok would cost me double!
hahhahaa I was happy as I felt a bit guilty..
but you gotta look in a bright side right?! sooo.. it probably super worth it!

and back to my apartment in Hollywood.. it's soo nice driving by the Palm line :)

 We got to enjoy little things in life guys.

Like trees or sky shades
Like sunrise or sunset

Find something you like and go on and love it :)

Have a great days!
- B

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September 12, 2013 20 Comments

L.A Story : Little Life Thoughts

hey hey humans!

It's been a while ay?
I've been sick.. well, not that I'm completely recovered right now but I can type!

I haven't blog this type of post for pretty long time since right now it's full with traveling posts hahaha thought I should come by with it before continue the journey.. maybe we could be like this along the way right. 

And yea, some of my exclusive readers was missing this idea-sharing kinda post so yea :)

Well, this is kinda weird sharing Starbuck drink, but this was funny it made my day!

As I told the staff behind a counter my name is Bo.. He look confused so I said 'B-O' BO and this thing came out.. my name is MioBo.. pretty cool huh?

It's like a circus member name or something. 
I feel super strange when the Starbuck guy called the name and he looked at me.. 
Well, hey man.. that's a mistake Lol

And this is what happen if you live in the middle of Hollywood Walk of Fame.. 

Maybe that's some news report
I met Star War Dark Vader and Luke walking together peacefully.. I met 2 Captain Jack Sparrow talking.. Jesus hugging people.. and that's just like what happening in Time Square but wilder.. 

and sometime they blocked the road with giant balloon and traffic got worse! ..L.A huh

That was my first week alone after the film camp and I have to admit that I felt pretty lost a bit.. Like suddenly everything's end and I'm alone.. in somewhere I have never been before in my life.. I wandering around a lot and buy stuffs.. a lot.. :p

for some of you who wonder about he products in last post..
Nars, Stila, and Smashbox ones were epic.. I meant.. I haven't stop using it since.. especially when it comes to days I really want to look extremely put together these are always my choice!

As I was wandering, sitting, laying, being bored I came across this picture..
Any of you guys here use the app or website Wehearit ?


it kills time and its beautiful<3

My friends and I feel that this is the picture that gives so much..
We are the type of girl who.. well, not that we're not proud of ourselves but there're so many pretty girls out there.. like suepr flawless human being and it drain us sometimes..

First look at this picture I just feel that it's super duper true..

Second glance. I felt I've come to another perspective of it..
Personally, I don't like rose.. and I have to tell you even though it doesn't sounds relevance, and of corse, I like Dandelion.. I meant.. It's not gorgeous like rose, but it has its own beauty.. and it gives us hope..

Have you ever pick up Dandelion from the ground, make a wish and blow it out?

It's something that's so simple and beautiful..
Like a little faith we put in small things in life.. it gives us smile.

and that's the though I've came through.. :)

Getting back to the Walk of Fame..
I found this picture pretty funny.. it's at Sweet.. that largest candy store on earth lol

Eminems by M&Ms..

Silly but i like it hahahhaa

Stopping by Disney shop to get ice cream and came out because I didn't wanna sit alone in a place full of family -___-

Ice cream was good though

And this is another I'm gonna leave you with..
A quote by John Wooden.. I don't really know who he is but he definitely have something to do with UCLA because there's his statue there and the gym was named after his name.. hm.. :p

I like it a lot..
Don't care what people got to talk about you.. as long as you know who you are :)

Have a great one (two or even three)

- B

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