Hongkong No.2

Hello loves! 
Hope you all have been having a really good week,
I'm coming back to finish my Hongkong post right here right now ;)

Topshop jacket, Balenciaga, dr martens

Started off the day my dad went out and got himself a watch.. it was pretty quick I was stunned by how an adult man spend their money.. hahaha so according to the tradition, it was during the Chinese New year celebration so they gave us this box of chocolate!


By noon we all went out for this very nice restaurant named Cuisine Cuisine at IFC mall opposite Hongkong station

The place was very nice, you can sea the panoramic outside the window and all the decoration inside was pretty nice, it's clear and shimmering. Though IFC mall is like a shopping mall for all ages this restaurant's customers seems to be mostly middle ages or business people

Cuisine Cuisine, IFC Mall

Oh yea, and I got myself this little marc by marc earrings 
Once in a while i'd buy a little luxury accessory for myself, i dont usually get the expensive ones because like, I love owning various kind of it more than like one big pricy one..

what do you think?

I usually get my accessories at Forever21 or like some local stores

Staying in for a little while before we went out for a dinner and chill out, I watched this movie called DonJon, have you guys seen it yet? 

I was TOTALLY different from what i thought it would be.
I meant, i didnt even know what it would be like but definitely not how it is.. 

Well i've been wanting to watch it for a really long time since i know they started shooting it because I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt so much and he wrote, act and direct this film by himself so i was being a very supportive fan waiting for it hahahaha it shocked me for a day!

So at night we went out to this place called The Coffee Academics

It was very niceeee

Like so cozy and nice lighting, there were both indoor and outdoor too!

I bet their coffee is super nice.. 
But because i went there at night and im super caffeine sensitive so if i ever dare try their coffee i think i would be awake all night.. Lol

And that was my brother, being really nice and friendly..

..yea, my lips was pink.. like a reeeeeaaaally pink one
It's the colour Schiap by Nars that i got when i went to Korea 2 years ago for no good reasons.. I just thought i would look so weird and would make a really damn good statement for the outfit.. 

And of course, I was wearing black-on-black that night and the pink that pops out of nowhere made a really good combination :)

Brandy Melville beanie, Topshop leather jacket

Hope you guys enjoy the post and somehow entertained <3
I'll be posting again soon hopefully, hahaha

Have a great great weekend loves,

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