Hey guys!

Here a new travel note from me :)
This time I'm taking you back to the land of desert and lights


For this trip I took a bus from LA to Vegas,
my friend booked the bus online and I don't even remember which company it is but I remember they said the bus would have wifi in which they didn't ..! And we were going through desert in the dark it was a very long trip, almost 8 hours because the traffic I could almost write a book in that bus Lol

We stayed at MGM Grand 

for the reason, I was talking with my friend that there were tons of hotels there on the strip and we could choose any because the price are surprisingly low but we went for MGM because apparently once in a life time we have to stay at MGM..

said me Lol

And for a very nerdy, geeky reason I dragged my friend into this CSI: Experience because I'm one of the huge fans of CSI Vegas, it's the original one and I've been watching it forever!

We stayed there 3days 2 nights and decided to not doing much but go for the Vegas Strip Walk and check out all the crazy hotels because mannnn, in Vegas they really take the hotel investment seriously and crazily.. It's an obvious marketing, tourism competition and my friend and I were just keeping our eyes wide open and jaw dropped every second

MGM Grand, Swimming pool

hotel NewYork NewYork



After a long walk on a dry and hot and burning day 
we went to Serendipity 3 in front of The Caesar Palace

Remember back in my DC. post I went to Serendipity in Georgetown and I said it's the not-to-miss, apparently this branch is also one of the important spots in Vegas too

Buffalo Wings

Mint Chocolate

Fried Cookies n' Cream

And I remember exactly how I felt in DC that I couldn't take the sweet in anymore,
I feel the same thing here again.. it's super overload but it's sooo good!

And of course, who come to Vegas and doesn't go party?
(obviously the underages Lol)

We went to Hakasan, which is in the MGM's lobby 
and that makes everything so convenient and feel a bit safe for us if we need to flee..

in that circumstance, we did need to flee

The next day we walk to Venetian to check out the grand hotel..

It's super duper grand.. feels so crazy like I was in a whole different city!

And again!

What to do in Vegas?
Watch the show!

Here, I went for the Jabbawockeez show at Luxor because I'm a dance person 
(yes I do :p)

As a dancer, choreographer, instructor, dance event producer and such..
Jabbawockeez has been my idol since the very beginning, they are crazily talented, extremely creative and inspiring so getting to see them live is one of the bucket list crossed out

Yea, what I bought from the Wock Shop was insane :p

Bye guys!
See you in the next post :)

- b

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