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Hello humans!

I'm back with a new kind of post 
(as mention in the latest update and going to mention again here)

I'm not going to update a post filled with numbers of destinations anymore because somehow I find it difficult to search or keep up. This type of post, in my opinion, is more useful for you readers and travellers to search for it and grab the idea of the place and go there :)

Starting this type of blogpost with one of the million Paris Cafes.


Le Brelan is located near the Le Marais area. 

Le Marais is famous for their variety of restaurants and cafes and hang out places and pretty scenery. I highly recommend visiting this area or even try find a place to stay nearby, your life will be wonderful and beautiful! :)

Le Brelan is like many other cafes in Paris that have a seat outdoor. Different part, which is not so different is that, Le Brelan outdoor seating area is protecting you from the winter breeze with glass that still allow you to look out and watch people walking and living life.. or in another one, let other people watch you eat LOL (which i love, don't get me wrong :p)

They too, have variety of food and dessert that is, honestly, not surprisingly various because of the frenchness hahaha but definitely try some, ITS AMAZING

Also, if you are one of the people who love binge watching Youtube videos, check out my Paris Trip Videos here to see the moving version of this :)

ANDDDDD I'll see you in the next post soon! :)

with love, always,

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March 4, 2016 8 Comments

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