Brussels - Peck 47

Hi humans!

Breakfast or brunch, you name it, I love that kind of stuff.
Today I'm here with a new recommendation brunch place in Brussels, Belgium.

This place is called Peck47

It's located in the Brussels city centre area, on the street name "Rue de Marché"
coordinate : 50.848681,4.350989

on weekdays it opens 7.30 am until 9 pm
and the time varies on weekends :)

As breakfast/brunch places are best at, this place is very comfy and cozy.
The not-too-bright light create such nice lovely vibe in the place.

The place is filled with people always, so if you're looking for a quiet place to discuss important business, this is probably not a place for you, but if you're looking for a hang out spot with soft pillows, well I highly recommend!

They also have outdoor seatings, in case you want to enjoy the weather or have some smokey time.

On the left side of the place was a hand drawn wall, which I APPRECIATE SO MUCH
it was sooooo pretty!

Also, the place is filled with nice quotes and hidden puns, in case you like that kind of stuffs, because I TOTALLY DO, and it's fun to see!

There are variety of choices for food, drinks, and dessert, with infused water.

My friend got the Hemingway Egg Benedict (the salmon one) and I got the Sausage Egg Benedict, which I must say that both are very very nice. The egg was cooked with a perfect timing makes a nice egg benedict and the ingredients were definitely fresh.

For the tea, when it comes to their tea names, it sounds super super beautiful.

I got the Earl Grey Blue Flower tea and my friend got the Alice Secret Garden green tea.
andddd, not only it sounds nice, the taste was wonderful as well :)

So if you're to visit Belgium and looking for a place for some simple but amazing breakfast, I hope you have Peck 47 in your considerations :)

You can catch up more about my Belgium trip on my travel vlogs here if you're interested

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Hope you all have a lovely lovely week, and I'll see you around! 


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