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Hello hello!

Greeting you humans and greeting August!
How fast this year has been, my my, I am petrified, I hate all these fasting moving years from the bottom of my bones.

Today I am here to present you another place you can visit if you're 
either out and about or being and chilling in Bath, England.
This place is a historical sight as well as a very lovely place to spend your time chatting and eating with your loved ones. It's called

Sally Lunn's Historic Eating House and Museum

Sally Lunn's place has been here since forever.
Since the date which I imagine, Knights and ladies in long gown are sitting in here eating their favourite choices of Buns.

It is very famous for it's signature Bun :)

The place is not very spacious but they have many floors to accommodate their visitors, which is a lot, I guarantee that if you stumble upon the lunch time, the queue is going to be quite long.

The place is very old but very cozy. The decoration gives me a very homey vibe and their food and tea is definitely impressive. 

Welsh Rarebit Special Toast

Lemon Curt Bun

I highly recommend the Lemon Curt Bun, it's super super super nice!!
Different from many other lemon dessert that sometimes is too sweet and can't really smell or taste the sourness of lemon on my tongue, this one is going in very hard with their lemon!

If you love sourly lemon dessert, you will love this bun, but if you're not really a fan of lemony eats I suggest other bun with milder taste :)

The Bun is very crunchy as well so don't forget to hurry into it after you got your best photo! 
It is best when it's fresh xx

I hope you like it and I'll see you soon with the next spot in the next destination!

If you're interested in seeing more of the city of Bath, feel free to check out my journey in Bath on my YouTube channel here:

The episodes on Bath are right here:


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