Jack Reacher

It is such a pleasant evening for me to start my film review :)

First, let me tell you why today is a good chance, well, I'm sitting in my garden in a cool evening with the wind blow. Wow, sounds nice right. 

The movie I'm going to talk about is Jack Reacher, which is currently in the theater right now. I went for it yesterday, with my mother.. lol

Obviously, it is a Tom Cruise movie. I mean, as a genre. It is also very clear to divide film by saying that it is 'a Tom Cruise movie' hahaha.

I don't know if you guys have watched any of Cruise's piece yet so I will talk about them briefly. 

The famous one first, Mission Impossible, action-thriller, not that thrill but mainly went to the action side. This is one of the famous series of movies that is successful and still trying to continue for more. It is about an agent who always got a really difficult mission to be accomplished.
fight fight fight and fight

Another one to talk about is Knight and Day that is also the similar type, it is an action-adventure-comedy-thriller. It also a fight-fight type but the fact that it added some funny scenes make the movie flows very well and enhance the charms of Tom Cruise to a wider audience achievement.

Well, to be honest, Cruise did really well in this action field but from my experience I haven't watched any of his movie that is out of his action area yet.

So.. so.. so..
Jack Reacher is an action-crime-thriller movie. I told you right, it's action again! 
But well, even there's no comedy mentioned in its genre but I can tell you there's a little in it.
okay, not without warning again :p

It is currently got 7.3(out of 10) score on IMDB right now. Which is pretty a good score for this site.
And to make it sounds cool for our main character here, I have to tell you it is a Tom Cruise production too! Well, I don't know if he covered every field as his hobby or it is a business-ive.

...Jack Reacher might be a little different from other of Tom's works because this time Reacher is not the fighter or agent directly like other pieces but he is a detective instead.

The production and cinematography are very well organized that the movie is nice and not easy-done. The angle of shots are good as well. Not to mention the performance style, Tom is a star, he always know how works should be done. The supporting role by Rosamund Pike is also very great, I like her very much from this movie, she's so cute :)

*Spoiler alert*

Jack Reacher is a fine movie in my perspective. It did good and well, it has its own flaws as it is.

For me, this movie moves a little bit too slow. From the beginning, I know that it is necessary to mention people name when movie start, but it doesn't have to be so long that the audience can actually lost the feeling of watching. Yes, it kills me a little bit inside to see names after names for so long and so slow. 
As a detector-center movie, it is alright to narrates in a slow progress but Jack Reacher didn't went into the deepness as details or complications of the case that much so it makes only a little sense why it should be so slow.

Overall it was fine, but it can really really be better than that.

Feel so strange to end the review that way but I have no idea how to end since this is my first review or critic or how ever people call it. 
I hope you read it and that it doesn't influence your view of this movie. Because my opinion is just what I think and the happiness of watching movie is not to depends on my point. :)

(omg i end it right!)

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The Witch's night

I found a new place for a night out!!
lol not that new..

It's actually right there for years already, I just got my chance of a visit :)
This place name is The Witch Tavern, it is a pub and restaurant in Thonglor, Bangkok Thailand.
Every time I pass this place, seriously every single time, I just look at it and think that this is a really interesting place I need to be here sometime. And I don't know how long it is since the first time I saw, but I can guarantee that it's pretty that much longgggg. 

picture from http://www.witch-tavern.com/New_site/index.html
picture from

It is a restaurant with a witch theme, inside is decorated with lots of scary pictures, in antique frames. There's a red candle on every table and the atmosphere is really put me into the vintage cafe in some indy movie. It makes me feel pretty awesome lol.

It actually darker than these pictures though
,a lot darker.

When the night fall, there's a live jazz band performing as well.
It does really makes a great combination between the singer's voice with all the atmosphere created. 

Those green seats were amazingly charming but my friend did slide from it a lot hahahaha.

I had a great time dressed up with a witch theme, trying to blend in with the place!
It is like a styled night out with my girls, we really had fun preparing ourselves with some kind of theme :)

Wearing my Nars 'Train Bleu Velvet' matte lip pencil, and got my eyes done by Naked2 palette, a girl's best friend right!

Naked2 makes me fall in love sooo much. Because of its various but simple colours. It can be apply to many outfits and looks, either easy-go or the most glamourous. My favourite colours are Half Baked, Chopper, Snakebite and Busted.

I didn't take any full body picture so I can't really talk much about my dress but I have to tell you it is a black little comfy dress I got from ShopWasteLand.
Oh, and a hat I got from Zara that I told you in the last post 

                    This is how it really look like in the place..
 It is darrrrrrrrk .. :p    

Somehow, those pictures creeps me out when I randomly turn into them.. 

Well, I didn't mention yet but we did went for a make up shopping too!
I actually wanted to buy a brush on for a while, a dark red kind of colour.
I and my friend accidently ran into The Make Up Store's brush on shelve and I got my brush that easy..

Yea, I have to tell you I was shocked that it was just it. Like we saw it and I tried it and it is the colour I want.. because it was too easy, well, not like how I though would be so I just stood there gazing at it. 
My friend Pap, a girl on the left, keep telling me 
"I understand, you have to wait until it speaks to you."

It didn't, and probably won't but a shop assistant came by and asked if she could help.
I just keep staring at the brush, I know it sounds insane, and I told her

"I am thinking.. whether to buy it now, or in a next one minute.."
and yes, my friends laughed.
We actually ended up bought each.

I got myself the brush colour 'Kiss on the Cheek' and its brush, and also 'Black matt' eyeliner pencil while my two friends got eyeliner pencil and lip liner pencil.. we bought that much just because.. 
just because we got 20% discount for 4 pieces and more! 

Haha, it's a new year discount!
yea.. I know what you're thinking, we got tricked, but it works though :)


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A Christmas Note

..I love this holiday..

I think almost everyone likes it too, but I mean, in my own little case, 
I lurvvvvvvv this Christmas feeling.
Maybe because I really fond for the cool breeze and a sparkling light. But even when i saw a glimpse of Christmas things on a shelve, ready to be sell out, I started to be so happy!
I'm not a Christian though.

Well, it doesn't mean that I didn't grew up in a Christian school, going to the church every friday with my classmate to sing for 12 years.. you know what i mean.

I have been waiting for Christmas for so long! Even though I have no reason to.. 
I didn't received any gifts since I left my school, I didn't get to sing any carols ever since either. Not include what I sing on my own though, hahaha :)

I love waiting for Christmas, decorating tree and seeing all those sparkling lights in the streets.

this is my stupid, huge, sparkling Christmas tree! 

But as I love waiting for it to come, I seems to feel nothing on Christmas day this year.. Which is quite weird, but sincerely, I don't want it to end at all.

I love Christmas as much as I have my nails painted every year hahaha. Its like an annual manicure of the year that will be festive art lol

And since the place I'm living right now is really famous with its hotness. Even it is winter right now, as it suppose to be.. Well, maybe because of the holiday spirits, it just gets cooler on Christmas eve.. Just Like That!
me, pretending the weather is cold and my dad pretending he likes Christmas like me

           As much as its not cold outside.. 
or maybe I have to be positive and tell you that  
it is a little cool..  

          Well, it is still good to turn on the air con inside the house and make it cold, dress up like it is cold and take picture with family lol

            At least I can find one person that love Christmas just like me! My niece!

            Personally, I don't think he even knows what Christmas is.. but as his mom dress him up, he enjoys having people gathering around and take picture of him.. The Proud Little Dude.

             I think I mentioned, but yea, I didn't get any present on Christmas. Rather, I got money on Chinese new year.. which is acceptable in exchange. Oh, and yes, I am half Chinese.. or maybe a quater. 
             So, my Christmas this year didn't start off really well as my plan with the nannies got cancle.. and I really wanted to go out because I have been stayed in for too long and it's boring. I tried to reached out to many people but they all got plans so well, I went for a movie alone. It was good though, Hotel Transylvania, great humor and voice. I really mean it! The voice of those characters are seriously charming. Great plot and great ending! Im gonna start my movie critic session later though, right now Christmas feeling is still flowing! :)

            Oh yea, I didnt get any gift but I did bought it for myself! The hat I have been dreaming for so long.. not literally dreaming but really wanted to own it haha. Finally got it from Zara and an additional red skirt. It's the kind of autumn red not red-red. 

              It's an ankle long skirt that cut up both side to the mid of upper legs. Fabric is real nice too! Its the same type of skirt with same colour but another one I didn't get has a glittery decoration on the waist, belt type of decorating but only front. It did up the price for that little accesories, but for me, I think I better find my own belt rather than get that one, so I can mix this skirt wider with other kind of clothes too :)

            At the end of the day, it is a nice festive day :)

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