Hayylooo Folks ;)!

I was done with The States traveling because it reached the time I have to get into the camp life!
So I flew from San Francisco down to the city of angels! 

I was picked up at the airport by one of the camp's mentors and altogether with other strangers we hopped on a car to start our UCLA Life!

It was a film camp held by an organisation called US Performing Arts, they held all kind of arts camp all over the states' university. It was pretty cool surrounded by such amazing people who share your passions.

So all students and mentors stay in the dorm room they put us in, and luckily (as I really think I'm lucky), I have a single! no roomies! wooooot wooooooooot!!

It look really campus ish. Hahahahaha 
but it was pretty comfortable and clean, I love it a lot!

One thing I have to mention, all these camps have age limit, the widest limit is my camp it's 16-20 and guess what, I am 20 and it happen to be super strange because most of the campers are like 17!! So I have to spend my entire two weeks with the youngers, but they are super awesome, and I just feel like they're my friends which I don't know I blended myself into the age or what. Lol

And also, in this 2 weeks everyone was grouped up into a group of 9 plus one mentors. Another funny story is that my group is a group of 9 guys and 1 girl, which is, yes, me.

And according to the history I'm not really comfortable being around guys because I went to girls school for 12 years and I'm currently in Arts field college so it just full of girls.. But you know what, these guys are amazing that I feel super duper comfortable with and I'm just so happy spending time with them! How lucky am I!?

Not just we studying and doing film production all time 24/7 
We have time to chill as well! 

Now I'm taking you to the place called Westwood
It's like a downtown UCLA, which is probably better than Downtown LA, according to what people usually told me about that place.

Sorry for the blurness of the picture. This is the best I promise.. :-/

So, Westwood is pretty amazing. 
It full of quality restaurant, coffee shops, shopping place like Urban Outfitters or American Apparel, there're theaters as well!
and even their ice-cream place was super famous. People lined up there like crazy!

This is the famous sandwich place called Fat Sal's
My mentor said that they have all of the fat stuffs in the world here and you can have whatever you want just create your own sandwich, throw your favourite fat stuffs in it!!

Well, according to the menu, it scares me too! :p
So I decided to have just a fries with fat sauce (that's what they called!)

This is a glimpse of my groupie at In&Out hahhahaa

UCLA has such a decent food too. There cafeteria is pretty big and clean and there also variety of food.. Though, everyday is not much different but in a day they provide choice.. which is cool..

According to the camp, they took cellphones away during they day and give it back to campers in specific time so I couldn't take much pictures of the campus there but since I'm still in L.A and I'm pretty sure I'll go chill myself around there again so you guys will get to see how beautiful that place is! <3

On the 4th of July,  the camp took all students to Hollywood Walk of Fame, which funny because it's where I live right now. Lol 

So we walked around the place, exploring and sitting around just to take our holiday off.. which is yes some American friends of mine feel pretty patriotic but well, I'm not from here so.. Yea :p

These footprints I'm showing you are the ones in front of The Chinese Theater. And yes, it's the famous place Hollywood stars came pumped their hands and feet it and took pictures of it. It'd be super awesome if someday I have my prints there too hahahahha


Here's another famous place in Hollywood Boulevard. It's called Hollywood N Highland Centre.

Well, sincerely, I asked everyone I know about what is the meaning of all these sculpture and monuments here and no one can give me answer.. They just all blanked out.. Hahaha

Only thing that I know is that it becomes a signature of the hotel in this centre. Lowe.
(if I misspell it, my apology.)

If any of you guys know what it means let me know in the comment! <3

And of course! Time for some ice-cream!!!
I love how my friends love ice cream as much as I do and they actually stopping at Cold Stone just to sit and have an ice cream talk. I love it!

As far as dessert and sweet, Hollywood N Highland Centre have a Sweet shop called Sweet!
and as they signed in front of their door, it's the Biggest sweet shop in the world!

Which yea, I don't know if it's true or not but it's pretty huge.. 

They got every kind of sweet you can think of in the world!
MMs, Hershey, Sneakers, mash mellow, candy cane, chewy in different flavour, and Willy Wonka!

Sadly, they don't have one thing, and it's my favourite of all time.. Crunchy!!
It's pretty sad.. but you've got all the choices in the world there so maybe it is fine.. 

What's your favourtie?

After spending quite a while in Hollywood blvd, we hopped on a bus to spend our 4th of July night at Hollywood Bowl! This was an amazing experience for me, it just.. I don't think this will ever happened anytime in my life because 

1. I'm not American
2. I don't live around here

So we came here to watch concert of a gentleman whom I already forgot his name..

His famous song is 'You Raise Me Up' I bet you all have heard of it at least once..
I actually have such experience with this song!!

In high school, 9th Grade, we have to held a father's day ceremony and the last song we sang to our dads was this You Raise Me Up and it's pretty incredible to actually having this opportunity to hear the singer sing it himself.. I was stunned.. 

Well, because, personally, I like this kinda of activity where I get to sit down, enjoy to wind blow and nature and here it's such a good place and this guy sing kinda amazing too. So I was pretty happy :)

and speaking of the 4th of July!

Here come the fireworks!!

It was an amazing night after all. The film stuffs in my camp was awesome too!

I'll talk to you guys soon,
Have a great week :)


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The Bay #3

Hello beautifuls!

Welcome to the last post of SF<3

As my mother, my little friend and I were there for quite a long time and we kinda ran out of where we should go and what we should do.. We met a random Hop-on Hop-off bus seller on the street so we just took the chance and ride on that day!

This picture was taken from the bus.. so you might see some weird reflection there haha 

It's the city centre, court or something similar..

..The authority place.. that's all I can recall :p

The route of this bus passing the Missions street which we planed to go the next day so we didn't hop off there but when we reached one strange place that look pretty awesome.. we hopped off just for the sake of walking around!

See. This is pretty amazing!

Behind us there's a science museum. We didn't went inside but it look really interesting. This is the garden between the science place and another museum which is Art. and in the left is the famous Botanical Garden which, I suppose, have every kind of flowers on earth inside there. The fee isn't quite reasonable for flowers.. for me, personally.. which I like flowers a lot but I'm not a biological plant kinda girl so we just walk around there and went inside the Art museum

and that was me awkwardly jumped down the rock.. :D

Around there, there were lots of teenagers riding bicycle.. I think they might having a day trip around there to the GG Bridge because it was pretty close.

After done walking around, we hopped on the bus once again and head to the amazing Golden Gate Brigde.. which I think it hates me because the fog covered like crazy again!

Golden Gate Bridge

This is how the bridge look like while I was riding through it from the main land side..
Super scary like we're riding into some sort of horror movie or like.. geekly saying, Dementors are flying around the area :p

After the first or two blocks, the fog starting to clear out!!

According to the bus guide, she said it pretty normal to have that much fog around that area in this time of the year. So, a little tip for you guys who planing to visit The Bay, choose the other time ;)

Golden Gate Bridge

This picture look pretty amazing right ?!

Love it much!

Though, this side of the bay isn't get us that amazing perspective to the bridge, it still worth coming. I think there might be a lot more spots for viewing this amazing red thing called golden. Lol.

Oh yes.
Even though, how hot it is in the main land San Fran, when you coming to visit The Golden Gate Bridge, make sure to bring your jacket or anything to cover yourself. It's pretty windy and the wind is super chilled.
And trust me, if you don't want to messed your hair up, stay in the car with window shut. 

But if you don't really care about your hair or you have a good hair tied tip,
just face the freakin wind.

It's amazing

After won a war against the bay wind we went to refill our engine up at the place called
  Sears Fine Food where they serve breakfast all day!!

It locate in Downtown San Francisco on Powell street.. right across from Sak Fift.

Sears Fine Food

The place look super vintage. I bet it has been here for life times already. 
Though it look super nice, like where you take your family to or where you want to shoot a movie in.

I had my buttermilk pancake.. 2 stack. 
sounds normal right.. It's extremely huge I was like.. whaaaat.. but it was extremely good too!

One thing I recommend like RECOMMEND.. is Salmon Egg Benedict.

It was amaaaaaaaazing..

I never like any egg benedict before. No matter how my one friend love it to death I still find nothing I like about it at all but this salmon one is just made me speechless.. Find this place and have it!

When you called for a check, the staff there will give you one coin to take a chance around the front desk of the restaurant with a slot machine! 

I couldn't really remember what was the prize because I didn't win it hhahaha

After a meal at Sears, we spent a little time in Mercy because my mother wanted to buy a polo shirt.

Mac Simmer mineralize blush

and as I was waiting for her, I ended up spent money as well!

I bought this gorgeous blush on from Mac..

First, I was not so sure about buying it or not but at the moment the PA said it just came out 2 days ago I just Boom! buy it.. :p

It's super super pretty!
You can see they got the blush colour and highlight colour as well so when mixed it just shine so pretty on your cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeek

And in the states, Mac is just super cheap compare to the price they sold in my country. urgh. This is super worth it<3

And ending the day by spending time on bed eating chocolate..
Sounds nice right.. Look even nice!

Godiva chocolate

Chocolate can never make you miserable and Godiva can never let you down!
Thank you to my little Portland friend who bought this spoiling me <3 

And as I told you, the next day we went to The Missions Street. 
But before that, I stopped by at the vintage book store called Dog Eared Book which is super cute!

This is one of the best things I love about The Bay.
It full of artistic places and vintage stores and just hallucinated me out of the present world.

Urban Outfitters Aint Lauren sweater. American Eagle Outfitters white shorts.

The shop located in the corner of 20th Street and Valencia St.

If you took the metro it would be quite a walk from the station to here.. It was hot and not so much to see on the walk too.. but if you really like book I really do recommend you to visit it here. The place is cute and staffs there were so sweet!

Walk up into The Missions you will find loads of restaurants that look really cute and full of people. I walked up to the Bi-Rite Market to purchase my loving ice-cream!

According to many online review and to do on San Fran, one place you must try their ice-cream out if Bi-Rite creamery! But since the line was super long I went into their market which is not far away instead and get myself a huge Salted Caramel baby

walking back down, you'll find one tiny pizza place on the same side of the market. 
I forgot the name of this place already I'm super sorry for that..

This place is very small.. but super crowded 
I was super duper lucky.. as I met Jen Imm (ClothesEncounter) in front of the place too!
But she was with her friend and I didn't want to interrupt her, no matter how much I super crazy about her videos I just stand way back and waiting for my call for the Pizza seats.

and the food was worth waiting!

And as I mentioned.. The Missions was super crowded.. 
It was because on the day I went it was the Pride Day!

So the pride day is an Annual Celebration, party and parade of the LGBT Community in SF which as you know, this community is pretty big there!

People were super colourful! 
Like literally, colourful. They dressed up full option for the craziest party scene I ever saw in my life! Everyone look amazing. I wanted to take pictures with all of them but yea. I didn't :p

And that was the party held.
Only a part of it.. because another party and parade are around downtown.

It was maaadddddd!

They got the huge speaker with all the music I love a lot!
Trust me, if the weather was a bit cooler and I was with my wild friends I probably jumped it and join! 

So here we are, the end of The Bay post.
I hope you enjoy San Francisco with me and hope it helpful just a little :)

I'll be back soon with Camp Life in UCLA<3

Have a great weekend my lovie dovie


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The Bay #2

Hello fellas!
Welcome to the 2nd post on City of Artists aka Saaaan Francisco!

Topshop tank. American Apparel easy jeans

so sooo sooooo,
 When you think of San Francisco, what is the first thing on your mind?

Well, there're loads of possibilities like hipsters, pub, painted building, cable car or even homeless folks but on my mind.. the first thing pops up is the Golden Gate Bridge!

As I have been loving this amazing bridge for a while like I've always love the flatiron building of NYC..  I did the best homework on where is the best spot to see it and I'm proud to present you guys this amazing place

Crissy Field

'Crissy Field'

Crissy Field

This beach is.. AMAZING

For the bridge, it has a great spot to enjoy the view and also, here, I saw such a life quality of people in The Bay.. I saw family and friends hanging out. people walking and playing with their dogs, couple sitting down for a picnic.. It all just so beautiful..

A little bad luck on my day.. There's sooo much fog covering the bridge.. 
Though, it was pretty and all atmosphere there got me. I was super happy just standing there and let the wind blowing my hair.. fresh air and everything was perfect<3

This was how it look up there at the viewing spot.. fog was crazy..

Crissy Field

Trust me, if you have time, any day you visit SanFran, don't forget to pay a time for Crissy Field. :)

And if you face the ocean, behind you is Palace of Fine Arts Theater.
It is another place worth visiting. Actually I saw no theater in there at all.. but maybe I wasn't really care if there is one.. hhahaha. The place was grand and pretty cool

Palace of Fine Arts Theater

Palace of Fine Arts Theater

If you're hungry.. 

There's not much restaurant close.. but if you walk up Lyon St. and trust me to open your map and keep eyes open while you walk because this Lyon street. is kinda messed up. 

Walk up on Lyon until you hit Lombard st. you'll see a little pizza place called Pizza Avellino
The place was quite small but it's good and close to Crissy Field the most.

They got a cute place too.
When I arrived there, it was no one at all and then after we got our pizzas people started to flow in!

Their pizza was good 

Moving on.. moving on!

The next day we all decided to go east for some seafood goodies!
so, the destinations were The Fisherman Wharf and Pier 39

I looked up online and the only way to go there on public transport in by cable car..
now all the To Do in SF would be so completed, we got to ride the cable!!

Checked the schedule carefully or else you'll have to stand and wait forever..
and summertime, the sun in San Fran isn't nice at all.. burning like crazy!

so from where I got up is the 2nd station from the first start in Downtown and guess what.. Fisherman Wharf is the last stop! so yea, we ride the old machine for a long time.. :p 
But it was really nice (if people are not squeezing to you death) because the wind is nice and you got to see house and hills in the city :)

After got off, keep walking into the Fisherman Wharf until you hit the last street next to the ocean and walking to the right for Pier39. There'll be plenty of museums, shops and restaurant on the street.

When you got to Pier39 take a stair on your left and keep walking until you find The Crab House!

If you don't want to eat here that's fine.. I just believe it stuffs online and try it there.. 
hahahaa :p It was pretty good though.

Inside The Crab Hose, I hope you get the window seats, no matter it ocean window or Pier window.. The wind kinda make everything better :)

Staffs there will hand you a plastic bag kinda thing for you to put over.. and trust them.. put it on.. or else your, whether white or black, shirt won't look nice after you finished your meal ;)

and yes for me, no matter how big the meal is I always got a spare space for my ice-cream!!

After finished your huge meal, don't ever get lazy and not walking around Pier..

This place is really nice, full of restaurants and shops.. There's also a marry-go-round as well.. very nice for whoever come with little kids or to take picture and upload it on Instagram. Lol

I'll be back with another post for The Bay and we'll talk about LA and my camp life!
Have a great days and nights my loves<3

- B

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