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Hello loves!

This post i would love to introduce you guys the amazing getaway that will settle down your soul just a little if you let it does its magic :)  I, personally, a loving of water in any kind and i still have no idea how it is.. I like sea, ocean, river, lake or even dam that they open for tourist lol 

This travel post, i'm taking you all with me to Koh Samui
(Samui island, Thailand)

Samui island

This place is magical!

I would love to introduce you the hotel of my choice: Silavadee Pool Spa Resort
I booked this hotel via Agoda. If you guys don't know this website yet i reaaally recommend it to you, this site is super duper useful to any of you who travel by yourself a lot (not with tour company) because it helps you with all the info about hotels around the world with a lower price.

I have been using it for a very long time and will continue using. It gives discount too if you book via the site often, i love that! 

It was the first time I visit Samui and I don't know how the commuting things work there so I request the pick up car from the hotel, and here's my friend and i with mr.driver in his suit and sign!

hahaha I found it very cute :p

Riding from airport to hotel wasn't long and when we got there they upgraded the room for us!
I booked the jacuzzi room and they upgraded it to Panoramic Pool Ocean Front 
(or something similar lol)

This is the view from my room's balcony!
Crazy right, I couldn't really believe my eyes how amazing it was.

We didn't do anything at all in the first day because the day we fly was right next to the last day of our final exams, we were super tired and the flight delayed and we also have the final project about holocaust to be done.. in like 5,000words minimum.. 

But we did enjoyed ourselves by ordering the room service to our room and because of this panoramic view, everything was perfect!

Yea so this was us after finishing our paper work.. 

it was a wild working experience that i had to watch the movie and analyse it and put everything in paper as required.. 

All done in about 6 or 7 hours..

and after we finished it, instead of head to bed we still hung around in the bathroom and watch youtube videos.. how weird we were.. Lol

Speaking of new day!

I have to show you all how amazing the nature is from the moment i woke up i was stunned by its beauty.. this is heavenly 

I'm not gonna be writing much from this, i'll just say some little details, you my loves, enjoy the magic of the mother nature :) <3

The seafood restaurant: Sabienglae

California muscle tee, hm shorts, Obey cap from UO

Silavadee Pool Spa Resort's top balcony

Silavadee's beach front pool

I have to say, this is one of the most spectacular dinner in my life.
Despite the fact that i was shaking because of winter sea and my hair was wet from the pool, it was incredible, both food and view were stunning

BrandyMeville top

Mind resting kinda morning :)

My friend and I went for a little walk in the morning along the beach and walkway, after breakfast we were just sitting, barely talk and looking out to the sea

Some little ocean experience :)

Hope this pictures bring you a little peace in mind since every time I look at it i feel some little fragment of peace. It just reminds me of how beautiful the world is and there's so many thing to be explore 

Be happy with life :) 
Hope you lovely humans have a good weekend 


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