Surfing Baby

Since I was young, very very young, I always wanted to surf.

This is not a joke like "I surf.. ..internet." kinda thing lol
I really do wanted to learn how to surf for so long

You know how stupid it is that I often went to swim and tried standing on my colourful swiming plate that help kids learn how to swim.. well, I fell a lot but I did a very terrific standing! :p

Because I'm living in a city and also around here doesn't have sea with huge wave..
I mean, we do have sea and beach
but the place doesnt provide me the wave that can surf..

sooo yes, no surfing lesson available near where I live..

but Eeeeeeventually !!

Flow House came to Bangkok City!

It opened in the community mall called A-Square in the heart of the city
Flow House Bangkok is very coooool

The place is very comfortable with a tropical sense.. It gave such Hawaiian feeling..


Changing rooms and facilities are good and service is excellent!
I went there with my friend, it was our first time surfing which we think that we actually came to humiliate ourselves in public..

but it turned out not so bad!
At first you have to try the lay-down position first, controlling the direction by moving your shoulder left and right..

Feel like dancing to me at first..

I did well with the laydown thing though!!

when you mismoved.. its kinda hurt too

But I prepared myself for this part already,
ofcourse, surfing's gonna hurt.. !

When you started to do the standing thing, staff will give you the rope to help with balancing yourself on the board.. Sincerely, it still not easy at all!

I fell for hundred times and feel like my brain is going to get injured real soon but I still get on the board and continue falling lol

It called practice :)!

Finally I can stand for a few minute..
and that was amazing to meeeeeee :D

I'll go back there again soon eventhough the bodysore came to kills me days later..
the bodyache thing lasted for about 4-5days.. I felt like a super old lady that cant actually move hahaha but I'll go back to kill it soon!


February 10, 2013

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