Hannibal Premier

Have you watched Hannibal Premier yet?
I did..

Well, to be honest I was a little bit disappointed..
just a litttttttttttle bit

Maybe it's because i have been waiting for so long that my expectation keep rising plus the fact that i'm such an investigation film geek.. 

You know, i watched CSI Crime Scene, Miami, New York, Hawaii Five-0, Leverage(?), Blue Blood, Common Law, Sherlock, Criminal Mind, Pretty Little Liars.. (?)
hahahaha somes are just not in the block

not to mention movies..  :p

I think the main reason that it brings me down a bit is the fact that all the trailers are sooo gorgeous.
Soundtracks, words, colours and pictures..

it just. perfect.

Honestly, when I was watching the first episode I still think it's gorgeous though..
I love how these days, series came out just pretty and high quality picture as theater film

Sherlock, for the obvious example

Casts are also unbelievable..
The eyes and facial expressions are just sooooo good..
Well, you're probably wondering what's pull me down when everything sounds so nice
The investigation..
The case..
They're working in Behavior Analysis kinda unit but for me, the passing episode doesn't get deeply into  how Will Graham comes out with result and details of the unknown subject..
or maybe they wanted to concern more on how it haunted Will.. 

I'm patiently waiting for this coming tuesday night though I have hundred of works to do..

Take care!

April 13, 2013

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