L.A Story : Sephora Haul 101

Hello beautifuls!

Now I'm back in Bangkok, Thailand. 
Fantasy over, reality hits!

and yeap, it hurts!

Well, I honestly love California for life and Los Angeles.. no right words for you my city, I'm truly in more than love with it! But my school starts yesterday so it's time..

And if you asked.. I just got back midnight of friday and as fast as I spent my weekend straight up to meet friends, my school starts on tuesday.. 

But as I told you, I'll roll my blog my way so that you all will catch up every amazing things from the city of angels and first of all! As promised! My Sephora haul!

First of more than first of all. I went to buy pass card for dance classes in North Hollywood
At the studio called The Movement Lifestyle Studio.

If any of you guys here dances, you might once heard the name of this place since it's all over youtube dance videos. So, yea, it's one of my plans in L.A other than Film camp in UCLA I always wanted to take class here :)

And as a reviewer, it was amazing!

and yea, since I'm here alone for a long while and always been staying overseas alone all the time, I am so good at how to have meal alone.. hahhaha

If you have problems or nervous eating alone, let me know, I might blog about how to cope with that!

Get to Sephora!

After lunch I went there, as I told you in the last post that I went there the day before to get all infos, I done my research on what I should try out.. and here are stuffs I got

Yea, this exceeds the skin purpose a little bit..
Okay. Maybe not just a little bit.. :p

Starting with skin care.

I bought Murad Starting Kit. It's for 30 days use to cure acne, breakouts and what so ever skin problems.
I'll get back to it soon.

I got 2 Clinique products.

First one it Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

As I saw many bloggers, vloggers, beauty guru to be said, use them and said it's amazing and most of review on Beautylish said it's good so I got it in small size first, to give it a try. 

Until now, it's been.. almost a month that I've been using. 
To say it's great.. it's not. but it is good. It's pretty smoothing the skin and give the moisture but well, it's not dramatically different to be honest.

Second Clinique is Even Better Eyes

it's eye cream for under eye darkness.. which I've been suffer for a long and seriously nothing helps me.
This product is quite satisfying for me, it's not that my eyes don' have any dark circle anymore right now, but according to my sleep routine in L.A I would say it helps pretty a lot.

I've been going to bed around 1 or 2am most of the nights.. 
which I don't do that when I'm home. 

and I don't have any darker shades under my eyes and with the work of concealer, it works well..
Better than any eyes product I experience so far.

The pink bottle on your right is Kate Somerville: EradiKate Acne Treatment

it works as to prevent the coming pimples. As long as I've been using it, I think it helps a bit.. not that much different.. maybe first couple days that I start but after that it works but not so obvious or impressive.. but yea, I'm still using it.

Back to Murad

The Kit comes with 6 bottles of treatment. 
There's facial cleanser, lotion, sun screen, treatment gel, pimple treatment and mask.

I think.. the first week I use I can see some different I got but after that everything stays the same.. I don't know if this is my skin problems or something but when I use new products it seems to work very well first couples days or longer but when everything settle, nothing works anymore...

 Let me know if you guys experience this kind of thing as well.. 

And without finishing or returning the kit, I just stop using it after 3 weeks or so..
Unfortunately, my research doesn't really works on Murad :-/

Fun Part!!

These are additional stuffs I bought back with me!

This is Anastasia's Brow Wiz. Which is yea, eye brow pencil

Since my brow pencil is nearly finish, I decided to try out this Anastasia one. 

I've been loving Anastasia for so long because I got my brows done with them and it's amazing!

I used to use their products too but it was super high price in my city so I stop.. Well, because brows is my super crucial face element, I have to make sure it's perfect every time before I meet someone.. and that's the result of how I finish my pencil, probably, quicker than anyone.. :p

This next thing is a lipstick from Buxom.

I never use any of Buxom products before. That day I spent a very very long time in Sephora so I got to test out lots of things I never try before and this huge lipstick comes in pencil style is very appealing.

The colour I got called Sydney.

It's very cute because all of lips products were name after cities in the world. 
I personally like the natural lipsticks somehow, but yea if you know me, you'll know that I am pretty crazy with weird colour as well.. Lol

This is my little swatch of Buxom's lipstick and Anastasia's brow pencil for you guys! :)

Both of them have a pretty soft texture, really nice to feel on the skin. 

The lipstick is pretty cool too. Like, literally, because when i apply them it feels a bit cool, minty-ish, on my lips. I don't know if you'd like it because some of my friends don't like how it feels like that..

But for me, it's fine.

Next are beauty tools.
I got Sephora's angle brush, because I couldn't find any angle brush anywhere else and I've been waiting for too long so I just got it from them, it's good too though.

In the same picture as angle brush is the everyday-use-brush-cleanser-spray.
Well, I name it that way.. because that's how it works :p

but the real name is Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner
well. not that much of a difference is it..? hehehehehehe

Okay. I got the sharpener not because i don't have one traveling with me.
Not that I lost it or just want to buy either.

I got my Bobby Brown's sharpener with me but it comes in the normal size and along the way I happened to buy the big size pencil.. and yes I don't have big sizer sharpener.. so here it is..

In my opinion, I guess it's fine to buy Sephora Brand beauty tools.. it's cheaper than buying the beauty brand ones and it works as good .. i actually meant. It works exactly the freaking same. :p

Another session I got..
Well. Let's take it as I am pretty obsess with make up.. for a long time but this have been my new obsession for half of a year and maybe got stronger according to the Californian Girl influences. Lol


I was searching for good bronzer for a while.. 
Good i meant. Something I would.. well. No good explaination


I've been trying examples of bronzer every time I visit any beauty stores.. It just so beautiful and I just couldn't decide which one is the one

But this Smashbox got me somehow..

I don't know if this swatch is visible to you or not because it would be pretty stupid if I post my swatch picture and you couldn't see anything on my arms.. :p

The Smashbox bronzer I got is the colour Baked Starbust
and as the company called, it's not bronzer but Fusion Soft Lights..

yea. okay.

Last two things.

Look how pretty they are!

On your left: Nars. The Multiple
And followed the name, it can be used in multiple ways. As blush on, lipstick or even eyes shadow if you want to have orange shades on your eyes.. 

It's really really really amazingly pretty. 
I, somehow, prefer this more than the famous shade Orgasm
This one is orange-ish which is kinda pretty on general skin tone of human being.. it has such glittery and golden shade in that add on such amazement too <3

On your right: Stila. All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer.
Which is again.. you and apply it any where as you want but it works like an illuminizer/highlither

This one is really nice as a nice girl kinda nice.
But as I'm not quite a sweetheart looking styled of woman, I still find this work super well as highlighting parts on my face.

Another try-on for you guys.
Left is Stila and right is Nars.

Let's end this post around here. 
I hope I gave you guys some ideas if you wanted any or some entertainment if you seek one.
Rest a lot guys, summer isn't over yet (for people out of Asia) and for anyone back to school, I wish you a good luck.. and let's fight together.. arghhhh

Have a great days and nights guys.
Heart you.
- B

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August 13, 2013

22 responses to L.A Story : Sephora Haul 101

  1. This is great detail!
    I am learning to eat out by myself!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Now THAT is what you call a haul! You got some great stuff :-) Gotta love Sephora.

  3. The Murad kit and the Buxom lipstick must be really great products.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  4. Elle Sees says:

    you got some amazing stuff!

  5. Sam says:

    Hi dear, you have scored some truly amazing products! Love that Smashbox bronzer. Thanks for your comment doll, have a splendid weekend!

  6. Kat says:

    ooh great haul!! :D looks like you got tons of great products :D


  7. Danny says:

    so many new beauty products! can't decide which one caught my attention haha

  8. Jezz Dallas says:

    I see you bought half sephora :)!!! Love it!!!


  9. Anonymous says:

    great stuff;)

  10. Maddie says:

    Wow those are such great goodies! So jealous! :)


  11. Sakuranko says:

    Wow really big haul dear. I´ll be awaiting for your reviews.


  12. Stella says:

    I liked the nail polish you bought and the brow pencil.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  13. looks like you got some great stuff, thanks for sharing your opinion on them :)

    -Tara x


  14. LoveT. says:

    Amazing Haul! Love the Pictures and Swatches :)


  15. That's a lot of sephora stuff! :D
    Bangkok is amazing, I love going there always! :D

    Google + / Twitter / Bloglovin

    cassandra xx

  16. Corinne says:

    Wow, that's one hell of a hall, must have cost you loads of $$$$. I'd love to visit Cali!

    Corinne x

  17. Mindy Fan says:

    wow!! That is a great haul!!
    I love all of sephora items, but I bet this haul must have cost lots of money!! ohh how I wish I had some more cash right now!


  18. Mili says:

    OMG! Sooo manyy things, seems like you really gave Sephora some serious business. And UCLA, wooo that's my school :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  19. Witha says:

    I used to eating alone too.. Good that I dont have any problem with it. I've been eyeing on that Smashbox bronzer. Do let us know if its really really good

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