The Christmas Post

Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas fellas!

Yay Hay to the life of lights and joyful smiles 
I love love love Christmas!

I love the songs, the lights, the movies, the coldness, and every little thing that made up this cheerful festival I love it sooo muchhh!

I'm here to share you my Christmas and Boxing day! <3

And I'm going to prove to you guys my love for Christmas by these nails patterns! 
I always got this festive manicure every year in December :)

Patterns from weheartit and painted by my favourite nails shop :) <3

So on Christmas afternoon I went to meet this sister from another mother of mine. We've known each other for years but we lost contact for a reaaally long while and this is like.. the first catch up in two or three years! 

Here's Gail or as I called her p'Gail (Thai tradition yea)

She's a fashion blogger here:

Always love this girl! Super inspiring <3

So I had this super duper festive lunch at a place called Greyhound Café at Siam Center, it's a department store in Bangkok city centre. This place is one of my favourite branches restaurants!

And the festive meal is the Greyhound Turkey!

Greyhound Turkey, Greyhound Café

More like Thanks Giving meal ey? 
It's still on going with this Christmas spirit! very nice :)

More on food of course!
Holidays is always about meeting the lovely ones, having a blast talk and also having the good good meal in the fine place right. well, at least it's the way I see it hehehe

Crazy people.. Lol

So after that lunch I went to meet my friend for a dinner.. well yea not that fast but I shall skip the wandering around part :p 

We went to this place called Spring Summer.
I've been here many times before but never actually appreciate it as this time maybe because of the weather too.. it's so amazing outside!

Spring Summer located in the small street connecting Sukhumvit 39 with Sukhumvit 49
It's a restaurant in a form of houses. 

Spring is the restaurant part and Summer is the dessert house. In winter they'll place the small tables and bean bags in the garden and you can enjoy the breeze there at night

I really recommend this place for everyone it's super cozy and beautiful. For the dishes, well I kinda prefer eating somewhere else and come here to enjoy the dessert

The left one is the After Eight which is a mint chocolate moosy cake. It's perfect if you love dark chocolate and mint! And the right one is Cup C, this baby is the signature! 

Famous and Magnificent

This is the one that people love so much, well, especially my friends.. they love it to death.. and this is love is like when I send them the picture of Cup C what I get as a reply is 'I hate you' Lol

Cup C comes with two choices you can choose either original or the malt one..
or both of them!  I mean.. why not?!

Oh hey 
The boxing day went well too!

I went wandering around the city with my friend and ended up watching movie which is super unplanned but made the day!

We watched Frozen

Have you guys seen it yet?
Disney movie is always magical. it's a good one, I am totally in love with its screenplay and that's the only thing I'm spoiling you all! Lol

One stupid thing I wanted to share with you all is this outfit I got out of Topshop.. 
Almost the whole thing in there was on sale and I got one sweat pant for the dance and a necklace that the price went down like crazy.. another thing was just to make myself feel..

.. well I dont even know how i feel 

Happy holidays from the weird reindeer guys!
Stay young stay happy! :)


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December 27, 2013

19 responses to The Christmas Post

  1. Sam says:

    These are such wonderful and fun Christmas Memories, hope your having a fabulous festive season!

  2. Emily Tang says:

    wow I read blog, almost every one watched Frozen
    I'm paying a visit back here ^^

    Gfc / google plus:

  3. Anonymous says:

    Loved the pics, especially the last one :-D Sounds like you had a fantastic Christmas. I hope you have a fabulous New Year's Eve as well

  4. Sakuranko says:

    Oh very cute and lovely pics, very funny~


  5. Keep on glowing this new year with your amazing sense of fashion, style and your elegance. Bisous.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  6. Danny says:

    so many wonderful things in just one post :)
    Girl, loved the christmas nails, so cute!!
    happy new year <3

  7. Jezz Dallas says:

    Looks like super fun Christmas to me...happy new year!!!

  8. Great post!
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know!

  9. Mindy Fan says:

    these are some lovely photos! It sounds like you had some really nice holidays!
    hehe the holidays are all about food and meeting people! the spring summer restaurant looks nice and YES I did see Frozen!! I loved it so much!!!!

  10. Hey, Happy New Year to you! Great post, looks like a fun Christmas!

  11. LoveT. says:

    Wonderful Post ,love the Pictures!

    big Hugs

  12. says:

    this post looks a little like mine.. haha! So much food!! I was going to ask how you did those amazing nails. I should go to a nail shop too... sick of mine chipping every two minutes!
    twitter &instagram: @emilysdiary

  13. Stella says:

    How beautiful were the red nails!
    Loved them!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  14. Mili says:

    Your nails are fab! And your christmas dinner looks delicious. Hope you had a happy new year :)


  15. Corinne says:

    That food looks yummy - looks like you had a fab Christmas! Hope to see an update from you soon =)

    Corinne x

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