Event Dates

Hello folks!

I've been super super super busy with life!

First of with the dance events I organised and there's school and there's exam and there's ..
as in the very busy term as possible

But I am here again to post about the events I went with my lovely lovely sister-- Gail<3
So we've known each other for long long time, we hang out and she took me places with her sometime hahhahaha as this is kind of the consequences I thought it's pretty awesome stories to be shared with all of you guys! :)

Start off with this Nylon event
which was months back actually but I have not talk about it yet

It's the Nylon magazine with this brand called DA+PP

It was a fashion show introducing their new collection for summer 
I think the clothes are very very cute, like cheerful cute, I like it

and THAT
was an extraordinary experience!

so Gail, my sister ish friend or friend ish sister however we call it, know this photographer who works for the fashion magazine and he shoots people around, not like gun or something, yea so we went with him, following him around and took pictures. It was a longggg walk in a hot day but it was worth it! 

Very very fun!

Oh yes, and this is me!
Wearing the very very very orange dress I ordered from Asos and a hat I guess from Zara

The next event was super duper cool 

It is Nike's event held up with Cheese magazine, which is a street fashion magazine that's quite a big deal in Thailand. I've been a fan a bit as well :p

The event was held on a boat,
a particular boat that ships container kind of boat, it was an awesome idea

There were football field up in it as well as barber shop, painting tattoo shop, bars and seats and yes! Live concert!

And I am now back in LA.


the lala land of angels and palm trees!

I'm volunteering and working for the Downtown LA Film Festival which will held in DTLA on 9-19 July 2014, if anyone of you here going to be there let me know!

And I'll be posting more about LA too!

Back to my normal beachy life, films and dance class! 

see you around and hope you all enjoying your days! <3


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July 2, 2014

18 responses to Event Dates

  1. Danielle says:

    looks like fun, love your outfit!

    xx fameliquorlove

  2. Corinne says:

    Oh, the event on the boat looks amazing and the fireworks are awesome. Love the photo, is that a fish eye camera?

    Corinne x

  3. Sam says:

    The event looks so fabulous and you are stunning as always dear. Thanks for your visit, Happy Weekend!

  4. Elle Sees says:

    so good to hear from you and see what you are up to!!

  5. Stella says:

    I liked your ripped jeans.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  6. Mary Rigby says:

    I just found your blog and I'd like to say, that is amazing! You have awesome design, beautiful photos and interesting posts!

    Would you like to follow each other with GFC? Let me now in my blog)

    Blue and Birds (click)

    Mary Rigby

  7. Emily Tang says:

    I like your event posts sharing
    I would like to attend both event
    Having event on a big boat is a very creative idea
    and I guess it's really fun

  8. Danny says:

    you did so many cool things, lucky you! the pictures are great btw :)

  9. enjoy your trip xx

  10. LoveT. says:

    Great Event ,looks like so much Fun!

    big Hugs <3

  11. M* says:

    this was a huge event! so jealous! :)


  12. Oooh looks like you had fun, very cool!

  13. Sakuranko says:

    Oh very beautiful pics!


  14. Wow! You have done a fantastic job this time!
    I am mesmerized by this post! Love it!
    You do not know how glad I am that I came here! Big hugs!

    Katherine Unique

  15. lick burger says:



  16. Aleena says:

    beautiful xo


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