Jewelry Making Experience!

Hey there my fellow humans!
I am back again :)

I'm here to share you experience on making my own jewelry for the very first time!

So, I was at this store called Shannta.
It's at Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC.), it's on the third floor.

I've been exposed to this new world of making jewelry for the first time ever and it's not all just about creativity and design but the science elements into it too and it was awesome to know!

So their stuffs are all handmade from 99.9% silver.
I was witnessing the craftsman making it too, it was super detailed and incredible.

And of course, I got a chance to make my own!

I decided to go for a pair of earrings since I own too many rings already and honestly, I did not have one single idea for necklace.. 

I've been gone from designing things for so long,
need to get my heads stimulated!

And I just got this new knowledge that silver can actually be in form of clay...

That clay that I was working on is actually silver..
It stunned me a minute too and after they explained how it works that way I've decided to shut my head down since I completely not capable of understand that level of science..

pardon my cultural/film studies student, ex- fine art student status.
I am so not go along with that field of education.. Lol

And for the design,
I went for a Taurus and a Gemini sign since it's my signs..
Seriously, I am actually both of this and I don't even care if it's possible hahaha

I have this similar design necklace from Urban Outfitters too
 so I think it would be nice to have it as earrings too :) 

Awhile I was waiting for my earrings to be baked and become a harden silver,
I got introduced to this new design ring!

It's an idea develop from Japanese Origami paper
How cool, its actually look exactly like a folded paper in a bird shape

Adorable <3

Here we gooooo

My earrings came out and it's super pretty!
Simple and easy design just like what I would wear out daily.

I personally think simple design is nice, you can just grab it and make it add on any kind of outfit in any kind of day and it says something about you as well! :)

So if any of you guys interested in making your own too you can check out their sites here
Facebook/Instagram: Shannta Official

And I'll see you guys later in the next traveling/lifestyle post!
Have a great weekend my loves :) xx

- B

Twitter: @b0bobo
Ig: @boboboh
Tumblr: @bbbbleh

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October 10, 2014

16 responses to Jewelry Making Experience!

  1. Laura says:

    that sounds like such a fun experience! x

  2. Danny says:

    such a cute experience!

  3. Lovely jewellery and fun to make your own.

  4. This is so cool! I LOVE all that you made. xx


  5. Wauw that ring is amazing

    x Mounia

  6. Stella says:

    I always thought making jewelry is hard.
    Seems like an experience.
    Wishing you a beautiful week!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  7. Wow gorgeous Bo!! These are amazing, I'm so impressed. Will definitely check out this place if I manage to get to Bangkok, thanks for the heads up!

  8. LoveT. says:

    The Earrings are wonderful ,great Work! Also the Ring looks adorable :)

  9. What an experience! Would love to try that out as well! x

  10. Antee Gurung says:

    Interesting post.... Thanx for sharing

    Have a nice week ahead
    Stay in touch

  11. Emily Tang says:

    wow such an exciting experience
    the ring u made with the origami bird design is superb!
    I would like to try if it exists in Malaysia

  12. enjoy your day <3

  13. Sakuranko says:

    Oh very cute jewelry~ Beautiful pics

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  15. Caro * says:

    Very nice experience !
    Happy New Year 2015 :)

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