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Hello humans!

Back again at it with a hangout place/sigh seeing spot/ chill spot hehe
This time I'm back with a combination of all those three elements into one and as you would have already known from the title, it's Institute of Contemporary Art !

If you are an art enthusiast I believe you would probably have heard of ICA or may even have been here yourself, but for any of you guys who have never been here, 
they are more than just an art gallery!

ICA holds an art exhibition that changes from time to time, but as of their name, the art they exhibit are of the contemporary style. 

Apart from the exhibition, ICA has their very own cafe where if you purchase a ticket to see the art you can enter to their cafe area and chill there as long as you wanted to. You can actually have a meeting here as well, either work or leisure, or come here with your laptop and work on your thing! :)

For me, I went to ICA because I had volunteered at London Short Film Festival and on that day I had a shift at ICA as an event photographer, I went there early so I decided to buy some of the book at their bookstores and chill in their cafe area for a bit.

ICA also have their very own cinemas as well. They screen festival films as well as the currently showing in the normal cinemas, so if you're bored of going to ODEON or VUE you can visit ICA for a movie night, but make sure to check their screening time first! :)

Hope you all have a lovely lovely week, and I'll see you around! 


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June 6, 2016

2 responses to London - Institute of Contemporary Art

  1. Sakuranko says:

    Oh wow the Institute of Contemporary Art sounds amazing
    That bookshop looks super pretty and comfy

  2. Caro * says:

    This place looks very nice ! :)

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