Bath (UK) - The Forum Coffee House

Hi there humans!

Today our on our topic of hang out places, I'm here to present you one of the most cozy cafes in the city of Bath, England 

The Forum Coffee House

So The Forum is right in the corner, it's really easy to find and it's very spacious. 
If you're looking for a place to discuss business, chitchat, study something, work on your project, or just hiding from the rain (yes, that was one of my main reasons lol)

This place offers counter-seatings, working desk seatings,
and couch seatings. The choices are yours, suit yourself with your purpose of visiting this place.

This place has desserts as well as the gluten-free ones. 
The carrot cake here is pretty lovely. 

Feel free to come here and enjoy your day!

I hope this place goes up to be one of your choices to come chill around on the English rainy day.

If you're interested in seeing more of the city of Bath, feel free to check out my journey in Bath on my YouTube channel here:

The episodes on Bath are right here:

I'll come back and talk to you again soon with a new spot :)
Have an amazing weekend xx


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July 23, 2016

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