Siam Center Exclusive Preview

Happy late New Year!
yea i know it passed while ago.. but anyway, have a wonderful year! <3

I'm going to talk about last wednesday night.
It was the Exclusive Preview of a department store in Bangkok, Thailand called Siam Center.
It was close for a while for a renovation and it's now opeeeeen!!

picture from Siam Center Facebook Page

picture from

There's two opening ceremony, 9th the Exclusive Preview and 11th the Grand Opening
The one on 11th is the open event for everyone and there were Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester, imagine how crowded it would be.. well, the night I went was simple..

picture from Siam Center Facebook Page

On 9th, there were some fashion shows, music or other shows as well but to be honest, I was late and I wasn't pay that much attention to the stage so I didn't even had any glimpse of any show :p

but heres some pictures

picture from SiamCenter facebook page

picture from SiamCenter facebook page


There were Black Eyed Peas Taboo (left),Oscar Winning Adiren Brody (right), Korean actor Kimbum and more.

The night was pretty exhuasting because I and my friend keep walking around the place for millions of times. It just like we wanted to see everything and check out what've changed during the renovation.

It was tired but satisfying.
Since I have always been loving the eyes candy things and, this place was so nice and every shop has its own decorating style that's very oustanding and attention catching.

People are also my eyes candies
hahahaha :p

but truely, everyone is a charm. The dress, shoes, make up and hair.
I love being surrouded by these pretty faces.

Black top from some boutigue store in Hongdae, Seoul. Burgundy skirt and black shoes from Zara

I bet you didn't expect that..
hahahahhhahahaha me neither :p

This picture was taken by my friend while I was trying to push this freaking car out of my way so that I can get my car out and go home..

You have no idea how exhuasted I was, standing and walking for hours and hours that as soon as I got to my car I change my shoes to the one in this picture :p
(I swear my waiste doesn't really look like that.. lol)

Last pic. my favourite..
Striking an awkward pose for my friend because we're real weird when we're alone. :p

Black top from some boutigue store in Hongdae, Seoul. Burgundy skirt and black shoes from Zara

Have a good day


January 13, 2013

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