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Thinking of going somewhere?

I just completed my list of holiday though my winter break was over week ago.
My college is having one week break according to some sort of activities they're having so I decided to escape this big city for a little while.

seriously, very little.

On my winter break I spent my first week preparing the event I held, second week is the event,  third week is me cleaning the works and recover myself from corpse-mode. The last week was just to try catching up with friends.. and the holidays are over.

sooo so, I just got my opportunity now to go on a vocation
Since I saw too much pictures of people having fun on Facebook and Instagram..
ofcorse, I was jealous because all I did was working..

I, my best friend my mom decided to go visit a nearby island called Koh Samed (Samed Island) which is in the city name Rayong. about hour and a half drive from Bangkok.

We stay in the hotel called Le Vimarn Cottage and Spa in the Prao Bay.

picture from http://www.levimarncottage.com/

The room was very nice, we stayed in our own little cottage which is comfortable and private. The bathroom is also very nice! :) Facilities are very ready and services are indeed very excellent!

so the hotel part of this trip is super duper satisfying to me<3

By the way, my mother told me that if anyone want to go to Koh Samed, they should stay in Prao Bay because it is the most quiet and safe bay in the island.

When we arrived, and after walking along the beach and all over the hotel area, I and my friend decided to catch a cap into the city side of the island to check out things and buy some food.

Oh, I forget to tell you guys.
We cannot take our car to the island because there's only a speed boat taking us here from the main land so wherever we wanted to go, in this place we need to catch a green pick-up truck taxi.

It's kinda uncomfortable at first to leave my car at the pier but seeing all the roads here on the island I think it is surely a better idea. It's not that dangerous to drive or anything it's just too bad for the health of a car.. hahhaha :p

  So after we arrived super early, check-in, walk along the beach and explore the hotel area,
we decided to catch the green pick-up taxi truck, truck taxi.. to the city centre to explore more things and buy some lunch back to hotel.

There's actually nothing interesting in the city centre though.
For people who come to the island just to escape things and needing some sort of peace treatment..
I recommend you to stay at Prao Bay and be there. :p

We actually arrived there very fast that we finished everything so early.
After check-in, walk around, made appointment with the spa, got into the city center, come back and had lunch.. everything was just by 12.30pm..
very fast right, I told you, we arrived super early :p

Local top from Ewha University market, Seoul, Korea. High waist short from American Apparel.

You know, I really like morning part of the day
Especially when it comes to holiday or when I am on the vocation, waking up early is super nice

It's like.. I have more time to appreciate the beautiful things of the day..

Local top from Ewha University market, Seoul, Korea.
High Waist short from American Apparel. Brown mini bag from Zara.

The Spa, the spa, the spaaaaaaa !

The hotel has a very nice spa with an absolutely terrific service..

I go for Abhyanga spa and the Facial treatment..

I know, Abhyanga thing sounds so weird but it was goooooooooood.

They doing the progress of slowly pour the extra virgin coconut oil into my head..
Well, I admit that it sounds a bit uncomfortable but it's good for your hair and it's a good help for people who constantly having headache or have migraines problem

and yes, it wasn't just physically good but it feels brilliant too

I even slept!

To be honest, I went to massage shop a lot but I barely sleep
and to be honest again, maybe it's because I was tired as well

I drove all the way here..
After the party night..

I fell in a deeply love with the spa here<3

Crop out Union Jack top from Topshop, mini short jeans from Topshop.

so the afternoon falls and it is time for evening sunset ..

Everyone knows.. 
Sunset on the beach is the beautiful time we all need to just sit and cherish.. <3
It would be very nice if you go there with your boyfriend or girl friend or something in between..

but yes.
I am here with my one good friend and my mother.
Good enough though :p

Food was good, view was good, atmosphere and weather were just as good
and that.. I was happy :)

We finished our dinner, my mom left to the room.. 
I and my friend just sit there and talk for hours and hours..

There were a group of artists came to sang couple of songs and they gone.
I was super bliss, we just sat there and enjoy life.

Crop inner from LAP, Seoul.  Crop out Union Jack top from Topshop, mini short jeans from Topshop.
 'I'm shouting to you :)'
Then we did a little walk and talk on the beach in the dark and took pictures

There're actually more of crazy pictures but I would keep it unless you guys wanted to see :p

I'll update about the other day again very soon :)
keep it up!

Have a lovely time.

January 16, 2013

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