Lil' Love

I saw this long time ago with the song 'How to Love' by Lil Wayne that I've been listening for million times already. How weird, when you like a song and at a sudden radio seems to play it often than ever.

but that's not the point of today


It's true that we're too young to be sad

though it's true that we, somehow, tend to build up a wall keeping away people who might approach to the part that might got us hurt.

"You had a lot of crooks try to steal your heart
never really had luck,
couldn't ever figure out how to love."

I didn't understand why we suddenly open ourself up and warmly welcome them and another moment we just shut them out. Maybe, we're just scared of getting hurt so much

but the truth is
we're now here, with friends, with people who'll catch us when we fall

"You had a lot of moments that didn't last forever
Now you're in a corner try to put it together
How to love."

If you like someone just try to fight for your spot in their life
Once you're there, if it's right, you'll be there..
if it's not, you just know where you stand

If you want to talk, talk.
If you want to stop, stop.

I try to take it as simple as that

I know sometime life hurts
but that's how they teach us
that's how we learn

"See I just want you to know
that you deserve the best
You're beautiful

And I want you to know,
you're far from the usual, far from the usual."

Live and Learn :)


March 16, 2013

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