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Hi there humans!

As everyone knows, Belgium is the capital country of in the world! 
Tales have always been told about how Belgian chocolate is the best chocolate anyone could ever find in the whole world and coming to Belgium, I must say I expect so MUCH

As a chocolate head myself, self-proclaimed obviously. I must tell you guys first that I love chocolate so much and obsess type of so much. 

When I was younger, I keep a list of chocolate package on a notebook and write what they taste like because I hope maybe I could be a professional chocolate expert or something. 
hhhehehehehe :p

Since Belgium is soooo famous for their chocolate, 
I'm here to introduce you guys to two chocolate stores in Brugge that is actually good.
Because trust me, I got my hope down A LOT from this trip.
..Somehow, most chocolate doesn't taste as good, they taste like cheap chocolate you get in the convenient store not like artisan or hand craft as they claim.

so let's get started!


Crevin store is next to the famous canal in Brugge.
It is pretty easy to find.

Crevin's decoration game is very strong, it is very very pretty on their display window and inside it is well organised and glamoured. 

This store has a very good assorted chocolate box, every thing in there tastes really nice, rich, and smells really good. The nougat is also very nice here. 


There are lots of Dumon's stores in Brugge so don't worry if you can't find it right away, if you find one you will keep on running into another one.

Dumon claimed to have various of praising from many magazines from all over the world. 
However, I highly recommend only coffee chocolate and the thin cut chocolate sorted boxes. 

Dumon's assorted picks are not very impressive. It wasn't bad as like I want to throw them away but it makes me make faces in confusions of how is this Belgian chocolates. 

If you have any other chocolate shops recommendation let me know!
Have an amazing week :) xx

Love always,

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April 18, 2016

7 responses to Brugge - Chocolate Shops

  1. It's me says:

    Choclate is always a good idea!!!...thanks for visiting my blog today...i following you...happy week like your blog ! Ria

  2. DUTA says:

    I've been there. Brugge is famous for its lace work. As for chocolate, it looks yummy in your pictures. Thanks for sharing the info on the two chocolate stores.

  3. Ola says:

    Chocolate shood are what i should keep away from:)

  4. Good morning B,
    Ooooo, a chocolate shop! This looks like a charming place, and I've never really had Belgium chocolate here in California. You have such a lovely blog. Thank you for visiting us, and we would love it if you would follow us on the google friend connect on our side bar. I think your blog is going to be very interesting, as my girls love to travel also. Do you know that I'm a Taurus too! It's so nice to meet you, and I was wondering what country you are from?

    Have a sweet day.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  5. The Belgium chocolate shops look wonderful and how yummy seeing all the delicious chocolate.
    Happy Sunday

  6. Danny says:

    well I'm craving some chocolate right now!

  7. Caro * says:

    Delicious photos ! :)

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