Paris - Cafes! Cafes!

Hello there humans!

We're now here on the chapter of cafes in Paris. :)

First off. You guys probably know it already, Paris is filled with tons and tons of cafes, like it is a capital city of cafes in the world of some sort. However, it's amazing, as always, I love cafes, and my friend loves cafes so it's a great place for us!

I'm not here to talk about every cafes ever or even the MUST GO cafe, I'm here to range you some cafe I find interesting, and some cafe that is a *famous* one, which you might have already heard of, anyway let's go!


I'm just gonna put this one photo out here.

Cafe Marly is famous for their location and scenery, which I'm not even gonna show you, it's right next to Louvres and one thing you will be starring at during your dinner is the glass triangle construction in front of the museum. I mean it's an amazing experience, once in a life time sort of.

Why did I say "once in a life time" ?

Because man, I'm not going back there for sure. 

Not that it's the worst restaurant/cafe ever existed. No. But it's not worthy of the price at all. The food wasn't impressive, the view was nice, the service was moderate, and the price is beyondddddd. So the day before I came to Cafe Marly I was sitting in front of Louvres with my friend with a cup of tea, just chilling and looking at the sunset and the triangle glass (yes, I said that again) and my friends, oh my friends, it's way better vibes than sitting at Cafe Marly so. You get my point ;)


Honestly, my friend here introduced me to Maison-Kitsune, which is a Japanese/French clothing line, that actually creates more than just clothes, they have awesome playlist and cafe too. So sooo so if you're a fan of the brand you definitely gonna be like 

omg bo, can't believe you don't know about kitsune

hahahah honestly yes mam' I don't know about Maison-Kitsune until I plan my trip to Paris for a week with my dear friend but after I was introduced to it I like it! 
It's a really cute brand honestly. 

There are many branches of Kitsune Cafes around Paris, some of the branch is under the clothing store and it's pretty cool. 

The branch we went in for a coffee here is at Galerie d'OrlĂ©ans, where I went to find a high-en vintage store that turns out a little disappointing.. but it was a great day since we accidentally discovered an amazing square with this cafe! 


According to the name, yes my dear, it's close to the Seine, but that doesn't mean you can see the river because of all the cars and the street blocks. 

However howeverrrrrr

This place has such an AMAZING LAMB SALAD.

I mean it guys. I really do. This salad was beyondddddd. It's so good. 
I'm just gonna leave it here.


and yes, the guard was searching my friend's bag before we enter.. 
I guess they are extra cautious, but that's okay! for everyone's safety that's kinda cool

If you are a cafe lover, I'm pretty sure you know about this cafe already. It is an amazing place! 

Don't get fooled by a small door in front of the shop, this place is actually huge inside!

Cafe Merci is lined up with books on their side. They have a square in the middle where you can go take photo with their signature red car as well

excuse me for using the footage from my video hehehe


They have a store inside as well, but check the date before you go because they don't open the store every day. It's pretty interesting in there if you're interested in decors or simple style clothing :)


Terminus Nord is right in front of Gare Du Nord train station so it's super super convenient for any of you who are there early for the train but don't want to wait inside the chaotic space of the station.

My friend and I were there waaaaay too early for our train back to London but this place is quite charming in a very authentic Parisienne type of way.

So if you have this Flaneur in you and like watching people living life or walking pass you, this place is a perfect place to wait for your train :)

I hope you enjoy Paris and have an amazing trip!

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April 10, 2016

4 responses to Paris - Cafes! Cafes!

  1. Gail J says:

    The food looks yummy!

  2. I agree the Cafes of Paris are wonderful and loved eating in them and drinking coffee.
    Happy Sunday

  3. Oh, look at those beautiful white trees! Yes, I've heard of the wonderful cafes in Paris. My daughters visited there, and they loved everything about Paris. This picture at night where the street is all lit up is so pretty. And this book shelf - Nel would love that, as she's the book lover. I can see you love to travel like my daughters. Thanks for taking me on a stroll through Paris.


  4. Caro * says:

    Great post ! I really love your photos :)

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