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smile :)

hi guys <3
I was just wondering about love ..

 you know, when you got to meet people and sometimes they're just sooo good..
As good as you never know would exist in the world.

Well, im not here today to describe a perfect fairy prince or anything

I don't know if this might sounds weird but..

'Do you believe in Soulmate?'

I kinda do

In my country there's some belief about a predictor..
He said something about my life that I, or people born around my time, will meet my 'soulmate' somewhere, sometime in between May 15th 2012 - May 15th 2013

me and my friends were exciting just for fun you know, we will meet someone who might belong to us!
sounds grand to me for some reasons hahahaaha

Since now is really close to May 15th already and I learned sooo many things about life, faith and love this passed year.. I've met soo many amazing people and I just want to tell you guys that ..

 sometimes, love doesn't come to you in one particular type..

I have been loving someone for so long that I once thought I cant think of anyone else in the world but then when time comes I can just moved on and live my life perfectly without thinking about this person anymore..

I decided to just pay attention to people who can make me happy
we got to love ourselves as well as others right..

so dont hurt yourself loving other people more than you appreciate your value :)

still not the main point of this blog.. :p

I come here to tell you all that at one point of your life..
someone will stepped in and make you wonder why it is so easy for you to love them..
..not a romantic love type but you will feel yourself bounded up with that particular person so quickly you questioned youself over again but if you open your mind try to see it another way.. it feels like they instantly became your family member as you love them just like that..

so if anyone asks me do I believe in soulmate or something like that I would say yes, I do

I might think it all by myself..
and that might be only the only part of this blog you agree with but trust me, you have to face it yourself and you'll know.. you can feel you being tied u

no matter in what way you love your person..
Dont forget to love yourself and know you deserve every right to be happy :)

<3 you all
Love your life and appreciate all the beauty surrounded you :)

- b

May 10, 2013

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