Why I was gone

This content of blog will contain full of alphabets and letters. It might cause you boredom if you have no interest in reasons why the owner of this blog was away for a long period of time. There might be no picture entertaining you at all but there is nothing harmful or in needed of parental guidance.

What did I just done over there?

Well hello sweet human beings :)
As you know I was away for a long while but I have such great reasons to tell you guys and to blog about in the coming topics!

..I never been this busy in my life..

I might have been yea.. but not this much!
I must tell you 2013 March-April period is such a tough a** for my body to function normally

You know, I am always kinda busy and have stuffs to be done but this time, it requires such professional skills of physical endurance and time management..
I will list to you what i have done in that 2 months

Dance performance
1 group research paper
1 individual research paper on a theorist
Dance events

..look like just a few works right..
but you have nooooooo idea how one task cause me..

Dance performace need to be choreographed, practiced and cleared up
well i also have to edit and mix the songs, do the floor and blocking arrangement, schedule performers to come practice and more more more on me

it came out good!

For the research paper works things.. I think we shouldn't even talk about it..
as you know.. you cant just write things up.. and it was the pain..

Dance event!!!
Well, if you know me, it's my works bringing international dancers to my country to do workshop class and teach people.. and the process, of course, takes ages..
I have to prepare the event to be well-organized, and manage business-typed stuffs
Not to mention promoting the event and them as well..
that's the business part..

a baby-sitting part wasn't mention yet..
sorry i have to called it that way but well.. we can put it 'taking care' way :p
so if you bring someone to your country you suppose to take care of them right.. common logic..
easy said, hard done

Not that I dont like the work.. I actually love it 
Spending time with people, making them happy is kind of what I called a quality time 
..but sometime it can be super exhausted
especially when I have research paper to be done around 4days after their departing time..


..That are reasons why I was away 

Maybe I missed out something that caught me up.. 
I was extremely full scheduled.. 
but now?

Im gonna be blogging more and more<3

You can leave suggestions in the comment or anywhere.. or contact me.. if you wanna know anything about my event or my weird life.. 

Twitter : @b0bobo 

Have a great day fellas!

May 5, 2013

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