The Bay #1

Welcome to the post on Saaaan Francisco!

Before I jump into all interesting places and yummy food I have to tell you guys my freaky flight experience first! So.. my flight leaving Orlando to Dallas was fine. A little bit delayed but I made it to Dallas to change the plane and come to SFO. 

Bad luck, my seat was in the last roll of the plane and if any of you had ever sit there you'd know how scary it is to sit in the back of an airplane.. I once sit there going to somewhere I couldn't remember but it was so clear to me that the flight was madly scary. 

Even more bad luck, not to me to be specific.. there was a gentleman (I suppose) on the plane who was sick and need medical attention immediately. The doctor on a plane insist to help him which was very nice but nothing seems to get better so mr.Pilot and his crew decided to land for this guy to be taken to hospital. 

Unfortunately, we have to land in New Mexico and the desert storm and wind was so heavy that the plane shakes as the food cart slide and hit the freaking wall. I was terrified. The plane shakes like a wet puppy.. I'm not exaggerate this point at all, my mother and I was praying like a priest at that time.. And we landed in New Mexico Airforce Base some type of place.. they refill the engine and we took of to our destination.

San Francisco here I come!

After checked in at Best Western the Hotel California in downtown san francisco. If you want to know my comment on the hotel.. I would love to advice you to stay in other place.. Downtown SF is a nice place, but the hotel.. I think there are a lot of better choices out there. I couldn't even remember why I booked this place.. 

YSL men. New era Los Angeles King. Converse.

So. we came out to have our very first meal in The Bay! Comforting myself, I choose the decent restaurant called The Grill.

First two were my friend's and my mom's
( Filet and Trout)
and another one is my PorkShop! 

This is a small Japanese place nearby our hotel which my mother just suddenly pointed out and we went in. It turn out fine, Japanese taste in American style, I didn't expect much.

The place on Geary Street, in the block between Taylor st. and Mason st.
It turned out to be a very popular restaurant because everything I walked passed wether afternoon or at night there'll always be people waiting to be seated outside.

This is pretty much every morning of my trip in San Francisco.. 
Well, after being so busy in the East Coast, I would love to calm down and spend my lazy time on a bed blogging to you guys :D

In the picture you see me randomly posing in front of a weird red sign.. It's actually an Academy of Art University which contact me twice or more a month inviting me to join their conference or apply as a student.. Which is kinda cool..

At first I was shocked because from the book they sent me, I thought the campus is huge and not a building type college.. but after I while I got shocked even more because no matter how far in the Bay I travel I can see Academy of Art University campus everywhere!

so crazy..

At the time I was there, SF has such a weird weather.. I have to check every single minute.. maybe hour.. Lol. I have to check over and over again to see if each day going to be hot or cold. sunny or rainy. like California style or London style.

Some day it got pretty cold in the morning and out of the blue I have to go back to my hotel to change into tank top.. Strange huh?

This is our first French meal in the whole trip!

This place is very nice!
Staffs are so good. According to Yelp and maps, the review is pretty amazing too. The area inside is pretty small but location was no less than perfect. It's a french place called Cafe De La Presse directly opposite the Dragon Gate (China Town)

This big thing is mine dish. It look kinda creepy I know and it sounds creepy too if I tell you. 
Yes, it's a raw beef.

It tastes interesting.
Not that raw beef I normally eat in the Korean food genre. This is new to me but it was positive.

I'll come back for more on SF soon guys!
I'm out of UCLA campus now too!! I have more time and surely, more shopping now as well and Im sure I'll do a haul for today's shop at XXI for you guys! It was amazing! x


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July 13, 2013

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  1. Sam says:

    Hi dear, this sounds like such a vivid and wonderful experience of the city, your photos are amazing, love the YSL sweater.

  2. Manal Wehbi says:

    Great article, the food looks amazing

  3. All the food looks delicious! great post
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog btw :-)

  4. livlovelaugh says:

    wow...amazing photos!


  5. Gail J says:

    hope ur doing good my sis <3

  6. Elle Sees says:

    i haven't been there in years! like since 1999! thanks for sharing your memories with us.

  7. Nice article, flying is a great experience if you sit by the window. I like the YSL!

  8. Stella says:

    So delicious dishes!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  9. KatjaKCN says:

    Hello love!

    Thank you so much for your comment! I love your YSL pullover, so cool. I've never seen one!
    Following on twitter!

    GREAT post! :)

    xo KCN

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