The Bay #2

Hello fellas!
Welcome to the 2nd post on City of Artists aka Saaaan Francisco!

Topshop tank. American Apparel easy jeans

so sooo sooooo,
 When you think of San Francisco, what is the first thing on your mind?

Well, there're loads of possibilities like hipsters, pub, painted building, cable car or even homeless folks but on my mind.. the first thing pops up is the Golden Gate Bridge!

As I have been loving this amazing bridge for a while like I've always love the flatiron building of NYC..  I did the best homework on where is the best spot to see it and I'm proud to present you guys this amazing place

Crissy Field

'Crissy Field'

Crissy Field

This beach is.. AMAZING

For the bridge, it has a great spot to enjoy the view and also, here, I saw such a life quality of people in The Bay.. I saw family and friends hanging out. people walking and playing with their dogs, couple sitting down for a picnic.. It all just so beautiful..

A little bad luck on my day.. There's sooo much fog covering the bridge.. 
Though, it was pretty and all atmosphere there got me. I was super happy just standing there and let the wind blowing my hair.. fresh air and everything was perfect<3

This was how it look up there at the viewing spot.. fog was crazy..

Crissy Field

Trust me, if you have time, any day you visit SanFran, don't forget to pay a time for Crissy Field. :)

And if you face the ocean, behind you is Palace of Fine Arts Theater.
It is another place worth visiting. Actually I saw no theater in there at all.. but maybe I wasn't really care if there is one.. hhahaha. The place was grand and pretty cool

Palace of Fine Arts Theater

Palace of Fine Arts Theater

If you're hungry.. 

There's not much restaurant close.. but if you walk up Lyon St. and trust me to open your map and keep eyes open while you walk because this Lyon street. is kinda messed up. 

Walk up on Lyon until you hit Lombard st. you'll see a little pizza place called Pizza Avellino
The place was quite small but it's good and close to Crissy Field the most.

They got a cute place too.
When I arrived there, it was no one at all and then after we got our pizzas people started to flow in!

Their pizza was good 

Moving on.. moving on!

The next day we all decided to go east for some seafood goodies!
so, the destinations were The Fisherman Wharf and Pier 39

I looked up online and the only way to go there on public transport in by cable car..
now all the To Do in SF would be so completed, we got to ride the cable!!

Checked the schedule carefully or else you'll have to stand and wait forever..
and summertime, the sun in San Fran isn't nice at all.. burning like crazy!

so from where I got up is the 2nd station from the first start in Downtown and guess what.. Fisherman Wharf is the last stop! so yea, we ride the old machine for a long time.. :p 
But it was really nice (if people are not squeezing to you death) because the wind is nice and you got to see house and hills in the city :)

After got off, keep walking into the Fisherman Wharf until you hit the last street next to the ocean and walking to the right for Pier39. There'll be plenty of museums, shops and restaurant on the street.

When you got to Pier39 take a stair on your left and keep walking until you find The Crab House!

If you don't want to eat here that's fine.. I just believe it stuffs online and try it there.. 
hahahaa :p It was pretty good though.

Inside The Crab Hose, I hope you get the window seats, no matter it ocean window or Pier window.. The wind kinda make everything better :)

Staffs there will hand you a plastic bag kinda thing for you to put over.. and trust them.. put it on.. or else your, whether white or black, shirt won't look nice after you finished your meal ;)

and yes for me, no matter how big the meal is I always got a spare space for my ice-cream!!

After finished your huge meal, don't ever get lazy and not walking around Pier..

This place is really nice, full of restaurants and shops.. There's also a marry-go-round as well.. very nice for whoever come with little kids or to take picture and upload it on Instagram. Lol

I'll be back with another post for The Bay and we'll talk about LA and my camp life!
Have a great days and nights my loves<3

- B

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July 17, 2013

10 responses to The Bay #2

  1. Maddie says:

    That beach looks like such a stunning place! Great photos! :)

  2. little t says:

    It looks so nice - I've always wanted to go.

  3. Sam says:

    Your photos truly depict the awe of this city, you look so chic! I appreciate you taking the time to comment! Happy Friday Doll!

  4. Carolyne O' says:

    These pics are fabulous darlin, I love them all!
    And you are so pretty <3


  5. Great shots they are beautiful. I want to go to America so badly

  6. Kri says:

    Yup! It's always the Golden Gate Bridge! It looks like you guys had lots of fun and food!

  7. Gail J says:

    omg so jealous!!

  8. Stella says:

    Can I have that pizza and ice cream?
    So beautiful place!
    Have a nice weekend!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  9. Jezz Dallas says:

    That looks amazing!! The sea, the food! So jealous right now :)

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