Orlando wrap

Hello folks!

my camp passed for a whole week already! 
Only 5 days left.. this is kinda too quick somehow I wanted to stay a bit longer.. 
sounds so strange!

I'm here to give you guys a wrap on my 4days in Orlando

First of a very all:
The trip started off roughly..
Like. real rough..

According to the staffs at DC airport, my tickets agency doesn't seems to get this particular ticket confirmed so it went cancel automatically.. and that means we don't have to tickets to Orlando..!!

I was literally shocked and so really ready to kick my agency in the face. My mother and I had to buy new tickets right there in the airport and wait for 5 hours because our orignal flight was totally full.. but it went out okay. Thanks to mr.Staff of the US Airways. The two man were so helping and kind, they got me and mom through clearly. Thank you sooooo much eventhough I am 100 percent sure you both are not playing blogger and reading blogs but I really do want to give you a wireless hug and a shoutout! Weeeheeeee<3<3<3

That was rough but then I got to my lovely hotel

I was staying in Hilton Vacation Suites at Seaworld. 
I highly recommend this place, it is amazzzzing! 

The room was awesome, food is good, environment and services are just incredible!!

After stayed in that day, we went to Universal Studio.
It was madly hot.. like FLORIDA HOT..

That would probably be the best to explain how burning everything was.. 

Something weird about me is that I am a kind of girl who doesn't really capable of being in a themed park.. I mean like. I can be there, yes, all day and night, but I'm just doing nothing.. 

So warning is that, no one should go to the amusement park with me alone because I will bore you to death. I can barely play a thing because I'm super scared of heights according to my Great Wall of China experience when I was 9 years old.. and natural conditions, I just get dizzy so easy.. As easy that I almost hated myself!

So yea, that's the thing.

Though, I enjoy walking around and taking picture a lot. And this Marvel land just amazed the crap out of me.. Well, saving the best at last. Out of Marvel I still got myself into one geek obsession that is truly Geek but I never freaking shame of :p

Its Harry Potter babyyyyyyyyy

It's just so crazy in Hogsmeade!
All the shops, candies, trains and butterbear is sooo unreal.

This is a super big deal for me you can obviously see hahahahhahaa

So I couldn't help but went up in one of the rides. 
I took the castle one since my friend said it was completely amazing and it's absolutely true. This ride is just speechlessly amazing. Despite how it makes me feel sick as much as I couldn't do anything else but walk out of the themed park I am still happy I went on it :D

Mother and I took half of the day off later from we got back. I watching Criminal Minds in the room eating hotel's pizza and it started to rain.. It rains every freaking day in Orlando I can confirm you. So weird but locals told me it how it is at the time.

Next day, I spent a morning lazily in our lovely hotel and went out for the famous Mexican food and Taco in Downtown Orlando.. One thing I can tell you about downtown Orlando is that.. It was hot like crazy.. few shades and super quiet as it wasn't a downtown at all! 

After that, we stopped by at Lake Eola.
It was really pretty

Another thing is that taxis are incredibly hard to find.. 

We walked like almost half an hour around downtown orlando until we find one..

One weird fact about me: I LOVE RIPLEY

hahahhahah random right
but I really do though, I love Ripley's Museum sooo much! 
It's super childish I know but it's so entertaining and actually educating at the same time. I love reading facts on Twitter and this is probably the same kind of thing just it is an actual museum.

And Ripley here is pretty amazing because they got the famous bending building that's in the top 10 weirdest building in the world!

After Ripley we stopped by for Wallgreen Shopping and yes you guys do know how much I love drugstore shopping and Grocery shopping. This time I only got few because I can control myself! Lol

and Ice-cream always a fine choice anytime any day! and I'm just so happy to get these three lovely ice cream babies<3

The second last day is the day in Disney World Resort!

This place amazed me out of my mind!

Well, strangely, not how magical it was... but how big and grand it is.. 
I was wondering all the time how much money they spent on creating all of this and also how much money they earn everyday! so crazy!

But still, it has its own magic and makes everyone in there so happy and cheerful

I'd love to stay here all day all night if Florida's sun isn't burning that much that I felt like I was going to melt away to the atmosphere!

Original Disney Castle baby!

I had a great time and guess what?!

Its just never going to be enough or no time for ice-cream for me! <3

After 4 days burning myself in Orlando, Florida I hopped on a plane to San Francisco..
There's some event happening on the plane and scared the hell out of me and I swear.. This is not a simple story. It's a tale to be told, and I swear I'm going to tell this until I die

Not to miss my babies, stay tuned!!

Tale will soon come!


July 8, 2013

7 responses to Orlando wrap

  1. Sam says:

    I love Orlando, your wonderful photos bring back such great memories for me. Looks like a really fun trip .

  2. Kat says:

    wonderful photos!! looks like you had an amazing time!! :D


  3. Corinne says:

    I am rubbish on rides too! I would love to go to the Harry Potter part though!

    Corinne x

  4. I love these types of posts, it's so informative and allows me to get a strong idea of what i want to buy, keep it up! I love your blog.


  5. I am so jealous! I haven't been to Harry Potter at Universal... I hope I can go one day!

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