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That video was intentionally to be sent only to my brother but I thought it would be pretty funny to put it up here as greeting you guys at the same time! :p
Excuse my voice, it always get like that when I was energetic Lol.

Actually, right now I am in LA already! 
Having some great opportunities seeking in UCLA. I'll be on the campus for 2 week!
While I've some free time (which is not really Lol) I'll update you guys the trip that passed by

So today we going to travel together around Washington DC. museum!

Dress: XXI, bag: Topshop, shoes: Fred Perry, Shades: UO

I started off the day at National Museum of American History. It was pretty awesome with all American background like Lincoln's legacy, British controversy, African American history, amazing objects in history.. The ruby slipper was in there too!

One strange thing, I know it passed quite a while but we are still living in the generation of it.. and by the way, my dad still owns one.. The Ipod Classic was in the museum too!!

After that we visit the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. This place is the one that set of Night at the Museum's set was shooting at! I love that movie sooo much, being here makes me gone crazy!

This little thing is sooo adorable! 
Some wild creature in Africa I guess.. super cute!

and yeaa.. natural me, trolling around public places! :p
Imitating the giraffe's pose and mocking the statue this time 

Then we walked to Smithsonian's Museum of Air and Space.. This place is real madness.. so amazing.. how human just feel envy of birds' flying ability then they create something wonderful and now people can actually go out of the space! 

Imagine you're from that era when they just made up a plane and knowing how later on people going to be able to step on the moon.. Everything is just so unreal!!

As I wanted to once in a life time, visit the biggest library in the world, we walked passing the US Capitol which was pretty wonderful.. It's so huge and like.. so grand!

After a long walk its was so tiring because every monument and place in DC. are so big and far from each other according to the area that was way bigger and wider and New York. I decided to sit down and breathe a little bit.. and of course, I couldn't resist to take picture!

and unfortunately by the time we reached the Library of Congress, we realised it was sunday, therefore the freaking library was closed.. I felt quite messed by the time but we all went to a nice neighborhood after that so everything was good throughout the day :)

I got this Expression's clear bag from Nordstorm that day.. It was sooo cute, I wanted it for a long while but i was in such a love-hate state and couldn't decide whether I should get it or not but here it is! in my hand! in my blog!

*Spoiler Alert*
I love it. I was cute. the crossbody cut off twice already, too..

Just nearby the area.. Even after I had a huge cup of Fro-Yo, we went for a dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.. huge meal right!
This time, though, it was a bit warming up outside, we were sitting out just to get the Francé(?) You guys can correct me if I spelled it wrong hahaha :p

We ordered the Nachos and it went out pretty amazing!

and the salmon salad!!

And this two prince and princess here were our fireworks that night!
On the left, Caramel Pecan Turtle Cheesecake and on the right, Lemon Raspberry Cream Cheesecake.
They both were wonderful but totally different thing, which was great because when you get too much you caramel (which never too much, but it get tense) you can always cut off with the sweetsour taste of this Lemon Raspberry one.

Note is that, they both are quite big so if you're not that tough eater, you better share with your friends. Order as much as you want to eat, yea that's me, but sure.. be prepared to not being able to finished!

And I wanted to show you guys this glasses I got from Urban Outfitters earlier in Georgetown.

It's so cute! 
Giving such cat-eyes ich.
but please be concerned that it's pretty fragile if you wanted to own one. that's my only note! :)

Ending the day with a book on a bed is never boring!


- B

July 3, 2013

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  1. Sam says:

    I am a fan of museums, wish I could visit the Smithsonian. Love your dress!

  2. Maddie says:

    Hi sweetie!
    I kindly invite you to join a giveaway held on my blog! Three easy steps & you might find yourself on the winners list! :)

    International giveaway!

  3. Going to buy this dress now, thanks for the amazing review! Really detailed and helpful :)


  4. Elle Sees says:

    so glad you had a great trip!

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