Birthday Surpirse Idea

Hey ho hey yo

I'm here to talk about some odd thing I did for my odd friend on her birthday.
This friend of mine is someone I can't explain in words how she's important to me

She got older in the passed April.
Yep, she's a month older than me..  Ha! is such a lazy morning on the day i happened to have a two meeting 
It was an active morning at first then, now, rain falls in Bangkok city
not gooooooooood!

Com' on rain! Hold on and falls at night! it makes you a lot more beautiful!

but no, I cannot do anything about it so let's give out the thing I did to you so you might have some idea for your special someone sometwo somethree..

or yes, you can use my idea right away. no copyright! :p

so I kinda, secretly talked with my friend's mother about how to get to their house..

Trust me, me and my friend, though we meet a lot and she came to my house often.. that day is the first day I went to hers and came to realised how far a house could be -__-

We live far from each other like two side of the same city..
To be precise, it's actually two different city even.

I live in North-East Bangkok and she lives in the border part of a city next to Bangkok in the west side..

Holy right..
but I did found her house!
(After got lost for 3 times..)

As it was planned..
I should arrived there and put up all the colourful papers and pictures up then ring the bell.. 
or call.. or text. whatever..

But due to the fact that my friend has some syntom of cant-staying-at-home 
(you know I'm kidding right..)
She was about to go out at the time I still lost my way there so her mom has to tell her to stay in because I was going there.. Yea, she did called me and asked if it's okay to tell her that..

what a sweet loving mother :3

soooo.. by the time I got there, as my BWM X3 is loud enough to made her come out of the house.. 
I put all the things up while she witness me there.. Lame a bit lol

Despite all the facts that the surprise became a surprise that less surprising..
My friend was still excited and super hyper seeing these stuffs

so that was good!

So you guys should try do something more than just buy a simple gift for your friend.
Your mother father brother sister or your kind neighbour who share you their wifi..

Yes. I'm kidding on the neighbour

But seriously, try something new. not just buy them a gift and just that..
You know I'm kinda a type who care super much on choosing a gift for my friends
(well, one of my pals told me that)
though I care and paid attention on buying sooo much, I barely remember what did I gave them by weeks later.. yes, because I am terrible at remembering things without scenes too.

Come out with some cool ideas, and give your life something to think of..

Like this!

Have a great time people, 
Don't forget to smile :)


June 3, 2013

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