New York City #4

Oh hi :)

We're coming to the end of my post on NYC!
It took quite a loooong long way here..

By the way before we start, what do you guys think about the new lay out of the blog?
Is it okay? It took me a lifetime to finished.. well for a technology dumpie like me :p
Let me know!

On the last whole day there, we went  to MOMA!
As known as Museum of Modern Art.

For me, who studied in art-english major in highschool..
and it probably been a while. i guess, away from fine arts and stuff.. I sincerely didn't really get the artworks there much.. and I felt super bad about myself -__-

Well, the photography section got me caught up the most.

But one thing remarkable about that museum is their food!
They have amaaaazing foooood!!!!

I totally forgot what this thing called.. but you try find it in the menu on the pasta section.

So sooo sooooo
The whole thing is covered with cheese and burning crispy cheese.
Gosh. Yummmm

Inside there's nothing but pasta and cheese.

Not that's its not healthy but sometimes you just gave up your health.. just once.. for this heavenly taste

I promise!
when I get back home I'll try my best to make that crispy cheese.. gosh. I just need to make it! 

Do any of you guys have suggestion on how it might works? Seems like it might use the same method as Créme Brûlee? 

I'll try!

So after museum, we walked up up uptown to Central Park..

Maaaannn.. we passed Abercrombie and Fitch.. and for some sake of nature I have no idea I'm lucky or anything but there was a topless model in front.. 

I am personally don't really obsess in 'abs' kinda stuffs

I mean.
I like it as healthy ones but one like those on Abercrombie models.. creeeepy..
No, I'm not weird right.. nooooo 

Central Park is seriously New York City's jem..

Don't you just wish you're living in the biiiiig big city full of concretes and dreams but you have one huge, beautiful and clean jungle in the middle?

Sunny day, trees and chocolate just make me feel soooo so good.
Just breathing in the clean air under the tree is nice enough to have me smile like an idiot lol

Pardon my love of chocolate :p

After spent whole day walking I took my mother to Bubba Gump Shirmp & Co. for dinner

and yes, the middle of Time Square branch!

First of all an all: This blue water is amazing!

It made me smileeeeee :D

So, this blue water is lemonade mixed with other juice and ice blended. It came in the dancing lights plastic cup! The light keeps dancing and sparkling throughout my dinner time! 
sooooo joyful!

This one is Spinach-Shrimp Nachos.


just that. really.
you guys already know how good spinach and cheese goes together. you only need to imagine shrimp and nachos added in.. my god! .. you feel it?

This is Shirmp with rice and combination of cheese..?
hahahah sorry for my bad memory but I remember clearly that they are all soo good

and this last one is one of their famouss!

I'm not quite recommend this one to those who had much of fries food already.. it might hurt your throat so much if you add this more. but if you came clear then go for it baby!

That's me on Time Square LCD.. taking picture of myself being filmed! lol

See how many characters you can find in the one picture!

..Confession came: my another Sephora spending
Let me know if you want some haul and review!

I'll come back with the next city guys!

Have a nice day :)

June 25, 2013

5 responses to New York City #4

  1. Gail J says:

    really jealous about ur trip!! really wanna go there sis <3

  2. Sam says:

    Great photos dear, sounds like an amazing trip, all the food looks so good!

  3. Amazing pictusre !<3
    I like it !<3
    nice blog

    xoxo U :*

  4. Stella says:

    Thank you so much for stopping on my blog!
    The bag that you were asking is from H&M and I linked you the details if you're interested.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  5. Sam says:

    It was great hearing your trend insight on my last post...Happy End Of The Week!

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