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hello fellas!

I'm currently in NewYork freakin' City!
it's my fourth night already. so fast..

here's a glimpse!!

I'll come back for some nyc blog :)

It's going to be about how and why you should move on from whatever makes you blue

I don't want a post to be everywhere and blurry as
 combining many stuffs together
and this topic was requested for like. a month or something already so I should do it now!

Well, to forget someone and to moving on is two different story..
but it's two things that goes along together like two side or the same coins.
same hand
same whatever nouns you like :p

but I can confirm you sometime there's long list of ways you can do to move on from any kind of thing that tide you behind but it's up to you if each method suits you well or not.

You know, sometime miracle can happens..
It's like your feeling keep fading and you just feel nothing special anymore.

so the post is more about how to move on from someone than something if you're wondering :)

But that feeling called miracle when it happens to you at the right time as you want it to, but remember, this world is mad, and it's real mad because of the thing called 'feeling' 

because it's not just happens to us, 
it can happens to others as well, and it probably called tragedy if it happens to our love ones
sure, we never ever want them to change.

So let's get started with something simple

Keep yourself busy

well, not lazy-busy


Try find something you love doing that can keep your head stimulating and running that you can't even think of anything else but that activities

Find your passion, seriously maybe a short-term passion like a small project to work on.
Surround yourself with happy people who can make you smile, the ones who you can be silly with all day and keep on with the positive topics

Some books would work, but find something else rather than Nicholas Spark type of book.
I'm pretty sure you don't want to read beautiful tragic love story trying to forget someone..

Some TV series would do too.
I'm talking about The Simpson, Family Guy, Bigbang Theory or jump to CSI, Sherlock, Criminal mind type of shows by the way.. :p

Try keep your brain works as hard and as active in the way you still happy with it as possible,
keep doing it for a while, and maybe decrease it at some point you'll find yourself clean, out of worries and attached..

maybe you get new attatched..
to those tv series lol.

next, try think of yourself

You should really really really know your value.

I can type the word really for million times just to make you sure that you're really worth everything good, so please please please, believe me, you're worth every minute of happiness.

If you understand my point you'll clearly understand why you have no reasons at all to be miserable.

You're living your life, you deserved to be happy
you deserved to have all the wonderful moments

Maybe if you quite getting this but you still couldn't get your mind out of the thing you should try put your mind into something that can benefits yourself

maybe go for some massage or spa,
glam yourself up, be more beautiful than ever.
show everyone they all have no rights to break you.

You're as great as you're willing to be

Try remember rather than forget

 new one huh?
you probably wonder how remembering would help in moving on.

Let me quote Inception that quoted based on the book:

"If I tell you not to think about elephant, what do you think?"

So, yea, trying to forget is like trying to suppress all memories you have,
deeply inside you still freaking remember.

Try remember the feeling you didn't like.
Try remember how that person made you feel that you really hate and you'll remember why you have to walk out of this. You did because it's not good for you.

Try remember the reasons
and don't forget to remember that every action has reason as well so all you have to do it do the best for yourself to be happy again no matter how hard it takes.

Better think that way people :)

Let me know if you try and it works
or let me know anything you want from this blog!

Hope you're all doing great and having your hope up toward everything!


June 13, 2013

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