New York City #2

Oh haii fellas <3

I came back fast ey?
Well I've got some time today! ..maybe like. tonightttt!

I went to Universal Studio in Orlando today and according to the fact that I am a super weird human that doesn't really goes along well with amusement park kinda stuff. I got extremely dizzy, felt terrible and went back to my hotel

Despite the feelings, i recovered, watched 3 episodes of Criminal Minds and now back here updating you guys about my days in the Big Apple!

That was the morning of my 2nd day!
With my lovely friend<3

Her name is Pear, i met her in elementary school but we got to know more in around grade7.
It was a long time right, for 20years of my life (urgh 20!) I've known this human for about 11 years!

After she stayed in Japan, came back and stayed with me.
Came here to America, got back and met me in Bangkok and now.
We finally got to meeet in the United States of Ameeeeerica!

Brooklyn Bridge, NewYork City.

We went to Brooklyn Bridge in the late morning.

Took the subway downtown, and walk along follow the bridge and signs.
It was a very nice day, clear sky and cool breeze blowing.

Unfortunately, the bridge was under constructing.. like. editing or something, we can still walk on it but some part was covered under the white sheet so it wasn't quite clearly pretty as it should be.

After a while of appreciating, we walk back down the same way, didn't actually cross to Brooklyn. We went to Financial District because my mother just so fond for the Stock market and she wanted to see the fancy NewYork Stock Exchange.

Well, sincerely, I wanted to see it too.
Not because I'm a market trader or anything but first, The Dark Knight Rises was shot based on the area. Second, I wanna see the famous charging bull which sounds quite strange and last, the place sounds cool to me. Lol.

Topshop blue tank, Topshop high waist blue soft jeans, converse classic, Longchamp long carry nude.

On the way there, we passed The Federal Hall.
Which yea, I don't know what it is but there was a huge statue of mr. president there.
Not the present one, ofcourse.

So yea, there was a huge body of George Washington in front of the Roman-like building but as I don't really know what he had done for the country, I shall just took a photo of his statue's sign..

No. I'm not being sarcastic.
hehehe :p

After had a troller lunch on the street for an American sake of feeling. We hop on the subway, headed uptown to the 5th Avenue.

No, not to upgrade the lifestyle or something but we got our tickets for NBC tour and Rockefeller in the evening.

This freaking ice cream on your left here killed me. It just sooo goooooood. so soft and sweet but not too sweet. MyGodddd. Just a really perfect combination!

so if you're in nyc and you see the big ice cream truck, jump in and ask for original ice cream on sugar cone. Trust me, no regret!

On our way there, we stopped by the huge 3 floors book store and finally I got the book I've been looking for; John Green's Looking for Alaska.

Since I read his The Fault in Our Stars and some random quotes online I always admire mr.Green's thought and choice of words..

If you like some kind of straight forward language you should try read some of his works.
it's brilliant.

As we've got loads of time,
I decided to check out this amazing place called The Grand Central Terminal.

Well yes, we all saw it from Gossip Girl the starting of the whole series..
but I'm not a huge fan of that franchise, I just wanted to be there because it look extremely good in the picture and it does! look stunning in reality.

Grand Central Terminal, New York City

Unfortunately, NBC Studio tour allows no camera inside so I couldn't take any picture for you guys from that incredible place..

It was huge.. like, the power and mental stuff they had on me.
I got goosebump when the guide said Justin Timberlake was there .. hahahahha :p

Well yea! It's JT, who wouldn't!

Up side down!

We stop by at Bouchon for some macarons.
Yes folks, you heard it right! The famous Bouchon!

I got myself one chocolate and one caramel here<3
hmmmm good..!

Ready for Top of the Rock now guys?

Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Building, NewYork city

The timing was accidentally perfect!
We planned to be there 8pm so we can see NewYork in night light but more lucky than that..

We got to see the sun setting over the Big Apple!!

First we just kinda feel screwed because it wasn't dark yet but when we see the sun going down, we all just went speechless.. guys, its amazing.

Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Building, NewYork city

And there's the Empire State Building!

Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Building, NewYork city

Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Building, NewYork city

Not everyday that you got to see something like this in a life time..

Well guys,
I just wanted to say..

Appreciate every moment you have, it's all beautiful in its own way.
Memorize it the way you wanted to.
Breathe in every good minute and second you have as you're living in this world.
Take the breathe as if you're counting it.

Live your life in your pretty way :)

Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Building, NewYork city

I'll get back to you soon and throw you guys some trolling I've done in NewYork!

Have a great day, great night and great whatever timezone you're in!


June 19, 2013

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