Prepare Yourself to Take Off

Hi humans  :)

I've been feeling super weird lately.
Like, blue, gloomy, happy, lazy.. it's just tons of combinations I extremely fail to explain..


because of the rainy Bangkok?
because of Murakami's Norwegian Wood that i've been reading?
because of me expecting something from people in my life?
or the loads of issues going on around me and my friends?

I. Have. No. Idea.

when I read something like that I feel like a retarded robot..

So.. I'm here to tell you humans some tips before you take off to some place in whatever reasons, traveling, studying, working, escaping..

If you're not going on a group tour where they arranged all schedules and time table for you.. I'm sure, whether how lazy you are.. You should get yourself a schedule..

if you don't prepare where to go, when and how you'll find yourself waste sooo much time deciding and getting lost.. that's not fun, trust me babies

okay. so that's a number one!

1. Make your schedule and time table

Plan it out. where to go, where you want to eat, how to get there.

If you have enough time, though it will be super exhausted, try search on google map you will see if places to want to go are close, so you can be there on the same day. List out in dates in times and if any place requires reservation, make sure to get it done before hand.

 save time and benefiting!

next next,
if you're particularly interest in clothes and fashion.. you might get my point here..

2. Arrange what to where on what day

I did this since like.. 5 years ago or something..

Well, at first I didn't mean to make it look organized or anything in an adult way..
I just wanted to look my best everyday..

whoa.. what kind of kid I was..

So not just it helps you look your best on the day of happiness but when you know what you going to wear it prevent you from carrying too much clothes.. it's kinda waste the space and luggage's weight you know.. This reaaaally helps!

I save your time and mood in the morning as well..
no more rush and hesitating over outfits! Yay!

3. List down what you need to bring


I don't really do the caps lock expression but this is crucial..

I know how we all hate it if we forget anything during the trip..
so.. few days earlier, list down all freaking things you think you need in your life..

well like. cellphone, phone charger, ipod, books, cleanser, and mannnyyyyyy other things

Okay so that's my personal tips..

other things like packing your clothes into small bags inside the luggage is normal..

if you wanna know: it helps your bag look nicer and easier for you to find clothes without tearing everything out and messed yourself up.

or some weird things you might want to know.. 

Like i love wearing leggings on the plane.. or this time, i probably gonna change into my dancing pants because it is sooo freaking comfortable hahahha :p

or I have to tie my hair up on the plane or instead, wear a hoodie to prevent my hair having electricity with the chair.. it gonna looks super bad after the zzz zzz sounds.. but with hoodie or being tied up, it helps a lot!

so now, you might wondering where am I going..

I'm leaving to The States tomorrow night!
..and sincerely i am severely lazy that I have no motivation at all..

like.. Attttttt Alllllllll

I'll land in New York, meet my friend there, come down to meet a friend in DC.
go down more for some Orlando fun and cross to the west coast, meeting my friends in San Francisco 

and reality hits..

I'll be in LA for another month!

I'll be in UCLA's film camp for 2 weeks then take some dance class and stay lazy 
and peacefully in the apartment.. until August

but now I'm so out of conscious and feeling blank..

maybe some personal post will come around soon..
emotions and feelings that's overwhelming.

If the mood is still around you guys will get to hear it out but if it's gone then something else will be up

Let me know if you want to hear something from me :)

Have a great day

June 8, 2013

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