New York City #1

Hey guys hey guys!

I'm here to update my trip and show you guys some city attractions!
This post is about my day1 in New York freeeeeakin Cityyyyyyyyyy

32nd Street and 6th Avenue

sooo updating a little bit, 
I'm currently in Orlando, Florida. Which yes, I went to DC already.

A little obstacle on the way but I got here with my full self!

will post to you again soon what happened.
and surely will show you every place I went and how cool it was<3

Flatiron Building

It was raining the day I arrived, coming with the rain ey?
hahaha not so good when you've such enormous luggage!

I was staying in Hotel Stanford on 32nd Street and 7th Avenue.. wanna guess where exactly?


..well, I have NO idea at all before booked it there.

You know, 
for a person who have been to Korea 4times in her life..

2times in 2 years, both for month and a half..

the year next she changed the place, the least thing she expect is to stay in K-Town -___-

that was really how my face look like..

I spent my afternoon sitting in hotel cafe after walked around in the rain and got my local simcard. Waiting for the time I get my room and wait again, until my friend arrived from Washington DC. 
then we went out for a dinner!

Shake Shack Hamburger

It's my first real meal in NewYork since my lunch was stupid sandwich I quickly grap.

'Shake Shack' ladies and gentlemen.

It was greeeeat!

Shake Shack Hamburger

The place was nice,
nice like. nicer than normal fast food restaurant.
Like a higher fast food to be categorized. 

But it was kinda awkward starring at everyone if they're leaving so you could get the table.
If you're lucky enough, like us, you'll get the window seats, or at least inside table so you don't have to bear much of the starring eyes of hungry human beings.. :p

After that, the local guide came!
He's my friend's friend.
well, to be super clear.

He's my friend (from DC) 's friend's friend.

hm.. not really necessary. hahahah

He lives here for 2years already. Thai, born here, but grew in Thailand and back here.
Well, that's a brief biography of my local guide of the night

Time Square, NYC

So this friend of mine, we know each other for a lifetime, and her NY dude walk me around Time Square that rainy night. 

We walked literally around Time Square..
I suppose 5 times around the place even!
and it was raining. hard.

It was tiring but super fun!

We talked and laugh like crazy..
maybe mostly me, 

Yea, my extremely loud laugh occurred when I'm super happy :D

We went in and out almost every store open.
Sephora, Forever XXI, Hershey, MMs, Lids, Sunglass Hut, Toy R Us, Disney and more and more..

M&M place was super cute.

So colourful and sweet.

I was having so much fun!

Here's a picture of my baby friend (on the left) and the local guide!

I'll update my next day to you!
Hint: I went up up up!!!

Talk to you guys sooooon<3


June 18, 2013

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