New York City #3


I'm out of Florida now! 
currently in San Francisco, and these two places .. 
All I can say is they are extremely different!

Orlando was freeeaking crazy burning
and here, in The Bay, its super cool and windy!

Updating my last dayssss in Big Apple..
This post includes more than one day.. I guess. :p 
NYC blog is coming to the end!

sooooo when you're in NewYork there's a list not to missed right,
This sure be on the list: Watch Broadway show!

sooo as I booked the tickets earlier before I come here and sincerely I have no idea what to watch..
Normally, people would recommend Mama Mia right.. but I watched the movie over than 5 times already so I don't wanna spoil it in the theater so I went for 'Jersey Boys' as their reviews are super good.. and it came out good too!

Whole story is likely biography of The Four Seasons (if you know them it'd be best)

All casts were amaazing..
Humor and vocal. Not to mention setting, lightning and other props. All sooo goood

After the show, I hop on the bike-taxi from Broadway Time Square back to my Korean town hotel.. :3

The weather that day was soooo nice,
sun shines and cool breeze, perfect day for a bike-taxi!

We all went to Soho in the afternoon and evening
Shopping a little (?) and had a fine dinning <3

Ofcourse, I need to talk about this super fine food

at LomBardi's Coal Oven Pizza, Soho

Jeeeese. This meal is so gooood..
The place to super classic and pretty, though quite narrow at some area, but it has the vintage feeling that's very nice.

Well, obviously, pizza came out very big and sure, we had to take it out because we're too full :p

After went into town from Soho, me and my friend rest just a little while and we went out for some sky high view late at night at Empire State Building

It was really late, around 5pm that everything is dark enough to give such lights and city feeling

We went up 80s something floor and went up more on 100ich floor

sorry for my terrible memory :p

Here's one picture of me on the highest of The Empire,
It was 180 degree place but it's all indoor area.

This is one of my Sephora spendings.. hmmm still acceptable right..
wait and seeeee :p

Loving my new beanie and iphone case!
Stay Weird people<3

Let me know if you wanna see the haul and/or review!

Some midnight shopping at CVS

You people have no idea how I love pharmacy shopping as much as I love grocery one!

To Be Continue ..
Ha! The Big Apple blog's ending is yet to come
waiting for the last post on NYC soon my humans!

Talk to you soon! <3

June 23, 2013

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  1. Stella says:

    Your pink sweater is very nice!
    Hope I'll visit NY some day!
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

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